Even the Nazis were more lenient on Asians, than the current batch of Hapa fathers, both potential and realized. The Nazis believed that Asians were equal to them; the average CCJ2er actually wants Asians and minorities exterminated, while adopting an Asian wife simply because it’s the closest thing to an ideal white woman he can get. Given the relationship between male ego and entitlement to women, and the eternal desire of white men to preserve their own power – Elliot Rodger was a fundamental inevitability.

His live Reddit feed.

His archive.

Racist white men essentially “default” to Asian women as a way to take back power from white “feminists”; Asian women, in turn, get to feel “integrated” and beautiful about their facial features – which they, themselves, find uglier than non-Asian women, and so desperately want to escape and become more desirable than that which they envy.

In other words: Asian women are the last choice for violent, racist white men who seek a way to “dominate” women and Asian men – and to feel powerful, after white women rejected them for other men. Not because of physical attraction.

These same white men HATE seeing Asian men – and even Half-Asian men – with white women, their real prize, and pursue Asian women merely as a way to express sexual “power.”

As another Hapa states:


And you wonder why Elliot Rodger – the most famous half-Chinese person of all time – was an extreme racist against blacks, minorities, and white women, as well as Asian men, and you wonder why despite being so common – there are essentially no successful Half-Asian men, being entirely born to unattractive Asian women and even more unattractive, rejected white men who went for their path of least resistance, while maintaining racist attitudes against White women, Asian men, blacks, people of color, and other minorities as a way to preserve White male power and relevance. 

Look at who raises us.

“Most White women around me are obese, feminists or SJWs. Or they have slept with countless Black drug dealers in college and now want to find a White guy to provide for them. In short, Asian women have better morals, arent crazy feminists and are very rarely obese like American White women”



Actually its much worse when White women date Black thugs. Since the guys are broke and their kids look nothing like them and Tyrone almost never sticks around. WM/AF marriages are the highest earning pairing in America and have a low divorcr rate. You can bitch about it all you want, its a good combination that works for both

Calling white women “fat,” is fairly normal for rejected white men.

I think what /u/youarewrongkid really means is that attractive, fit white women are getting with black men, which I think bothers him, while the only women he feels he has a shot with subconsciously are the obese ones, which he is not attracted to.

Of course he also gaslights the immense psychological problems of being biracial, which is expected, but it’s important for sociologists to note that men like him are common – and this will lead to disastrous results, regardless of naysayers.

Anyways, the result of this will be seen in time.