Rather prodigious, as she actually successfully predicted Elliot Rodger’s massacre, which was driven by hatred of Asians, as well as white women; being half Asian himself, he never properly actualized with his Asian side, instead being raised to hate it and view it as a detriment preventing him from attaining true, complete Whiteness, which would in turn allow him to date White women.

Many half-Asians are driven mad by the fact that they are “almost” white, their mothers and fathers (oftentimes racists who view Asian women as a nice, traditional, chaste, clean, family oriented, white skinned, non-traitorous, loyal, smart alternative to feminist, fat white women) tell them that they are white – and attempt to micromanage their dating lives (such as preventing us from dating black women, or women of color).

Many half-Asians, as well, look very Asian, but in an odd twist of fate, probably look even less masculine than full Asians (who bear masculinized traits such as narrow eyes, dark coloring, broad features), and appear to be more of a “lighter skinned” Asian person with bigger eyes and more visible eyelids – having inherited their “less attractive” white father’s appearance, making them even less attractive and masculine than full Asian men.

As a result, many half-Asians will either compensate by becoming overtly white supremacist, becoming more racist than their fathers and mothers – and doing everything in their power to integrate and assimilate into whiteness, firmly set on the belief that Asianness (including the bone structure, eye shape, skull shape, and hair texture) are to be avoided, which is impossible and will drive more and more half-Asians to the brink in a desperate attempt to properly attain whiteness ala the wishes of their white father and Asian mother.

The above black woman called it two months before; I call it now. It’s going to happen again on my word… (edit: at this point, it has already, several times, as of July, 2018) the psychotic nature of some of these relationships is beyond inexplicable and I barely escaped it. My brother, not so much. Ironically I was able to escape the pit I was falling into by writing more on the subject.

It frankly makes no sense at all, for a woman who spent her entire life verbally abusing, demonizing and avoiding Asian men, to be raising an Asian looking boy – particularly if her husband is complicit in the “dominance” or “creation” of the atmosphere of white supremacy that isolates his own son – add to the fact that many racist white men see Asian women as a way to get back at society and find control and meaning and you have a total disaster.

Even worse is that Asian women themselves create a nation-wide hook-up culture that severely penalizes Asian looks and then go on to raise Asian looking sons,

What I mean by that is: you can sociologize it away but at the end of the day, we have an entire landfill’s worth of crap to deal with picking up our parents’ racial baggage ON TOP OF the racism in Western society. It is not our fault. Please understand this.

On top of this, our mothers, out of desperation begin to teach their children about culture by signing them up for Karate and Mandarin lessons, when they were trying to escape it their entire lives. Only a very dense Hapa wouldn’t see that the fact that we all have white fathers is indicative of something much more… malignant.

The quote she is referring to is from the Hapa guy who motivated me to start writing on my own.

Ironically, the Hapa she mentions, Dean Cain, comes from two generations of Asian males and White females. His grandfather was Japanese, and his father half-Japanese and half-White.