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As far as I know that brings the total number of AMXF professional hockey players up to 32 – 30 of which have Asian fathers.

Thats 93.7% of all half-Asian pro hockey players that have, I repeat, Asian fathers, meaning that there is an immense difference between the behavioral patterns of white fathers and Asian mothers, and those of the inverse – that lead to wildly more successful children.

Statistics don’t lie. It’s not a politically correct fact, but despite being widely outnumbered by fetishistic, racist white man / Asian woman couples based on hate, racism, and violence – the children of Asian men and white women are the ones producing the better children.

Woo’s father Larry, a former WHL player, grew up in Winnipeg after his parents immigrated from China; his mother comes from German descent. Any hockey player will tell you about the scrafices their family members made to help them achieve their goals of being drafted into the NHL, so it was only right that Woo had a big group in Dallas to support and congratulate him.

Possible reasons why Asian fathers make better parents for half-Asian children.

  1. Not racist
  2. Not racist
  3. Not racist
  4. Decent looking, not ugly,  bald, resentful white / non-Asian men who need to express “power” with low quality (mentally and physically) Asian women, their last resort
  5. Not racist against Asian males
  6. Not racist against White women
  7. Not sexist
  8. Don’t hate Asian people yet dates Asians (wait, what?)
  9. Doesn’t spend 80% of his marriage on online forums running his mouth about Asian men and White women, due to a sexless, violent marriage

Possible reasons why non-Asian / White mothers make better parents for biracial Asian children.

  1. Not Tiger Moms
  2. Not racist
  3. Not racist
  4. Marry for the right reasons
  5. Beautiful, big breasts, big butts, healthy, robust bodies (not tiny, unhealthy Asian women)
  6. Love their kids for the right reasons
  7. Don’t shame their kids for not having blue eyes / blonde hair
  8. Doesn’t hate Asians
  9. Doesn’t spend 80% of the marriage screaming at the racist white dad / at her kids

PS: While somewhat facetious, the above “reasons” have actual academic merit. Just look up the papers on this website.

Oh, sorry, you think it’s racist?

I’m not racist, I’m half Asian!