The original Reddit thread, where he made horrific comments about his son, Asians, and his wife.

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Half Asians, more often than not, for decades, have had to deal with looking Asian (bad), as well racist white fathers (worse) who saw their Asian wives as “practically white,” traditional, family-oriented, chaste, and easy replacements for White women who in turn, were seen as too “feminist.”

This is a recipe for insanity, and our fathers are more than happy to contribute to it, as long as it allows them to have the feeling of sexual power and fulfillment.

This did not ever mean that said White men were anti-racist, merely that they were seeing an alternative to the higher standards of white women, and sought out a “traditional,” “family oriented,” “educated,” clean, chaste “white skinned” alternative to white women; i.e., they went for their easiest shot at getting laid.

The entire idea of being mixed race is to come from parents that are less racist, rather than more; and since racist white men DELIBERATELY seek out Asian women in order to RECLAIM POWER, and vice versa, the parents of half-Asians violate an inviolate rule of being mixed race. The idea is that a woman will calm a man’s sexually-driven racism and desperation to feel power – yet for whatever reason, White men remain racist, even while married to Asian women.

This is probably because he realizes that his “partner” will forever be his “back up” choice (merely a replacement for non-Asian women who rejected him) so he needs to constantly be on the prowl to prove his superiority, despite supposedly being “happy.” This also explains why so many WMAF couples have such a difficult time even appearing “happy” in public.

But more so, because an Asian woman who seeks white men will not challenge his racism, but support it in an attempt to be seen as “cool” and integrated and just as beautiful as white women – since many Asian women consider themselves physically unattractive, and deal with self-esteem issues.

What’s going to happen to these kids, many of whom look very non-White, and are unprepared for racism – the same racism that their parents endorse?

Nearly every single white man with a “preference” for Asian women has a penchant for racism against Asian men, in order for him to subsconsciously justify his unbalanced relationship, and also as a way to prove dominance and prove his whiteness – despite being married to a woman of color. This was first referred to as “WMAF Racist Tourette’s”, by the blogger StuffEurasiansLike.

Moreso, many of these men are made to feel insecure by the tides of change that benefit black people, Latinos, Muslims and other non-Asian groups that they perceive as more dominant and masculine, whereby they rely on Asian women as a way to feel powerful and live a meaningful, controlled life with a woman that will not sleep with black men, and make them feel justified in being white, openly pro-White, openly anti-black / Latino / Asian, and unapologetic about being such.

Hence, “I’m not racist, my wife is Asian.” despite the average white man who “prefers” Asian women being markedly more racist against Asians – than the white men who are not interested in Asian women.

In fact, the entire appeal of Asian women is largely that they are “easier” to get, as long as you are not an Asian male, regardless of the quality of either the Asian male, or the White female. As a result, white men who deliberately seek out Asian women use Asians as their perpetual punching bag, and uses his Asian “wife” or “partner” as a perpetual tool to “fight back” and prove that he is getting “revenge” on people he deems “anti-white,” such as white women or Asian men.

They even go so far as to attack Asian male / White female couples, (including Eurasian male) – as a way to demonstrate their double standards against White women (their ultimate prize), and Asian men (who they view as being beneath them).

Asian and half-Asian men have endured this unfair and brutal marginalization, for a long time, largely because Asian women are desperate to integrate, assimilate and feel just as beautiful as popular White women – in Western countries, turning their back on Asian males and Half-Asian males, and marrying the white men that were in turn rejected by attractive white women.

It is incredibly common to find white men with Asian partners who mock not only their wives, but their children and Asian men as well, as a way to ingratiate themselves to other whites with jokes and cancerous, casual racism. The Asian wife, coming from a culture that values assimilation and success, and generally not love or idealism, is happy to marry a man who is openly racist, as well as unattractive by Western standards.

The “integration” of Asians into Western countries by and large only involves the women, while continuously mocking Asian features, when they are found on men, even when, for example, Asian features might actually look better on men, and many Asian men being much more handsome than White men, yet are still subjected to insanely brutal and hypocritical racism from White men and the will objects of their Asian fetishes.

You’ve been warned. The bill for this is long overdue, unfortunately, as the oppressors – in this case – refuse to discuss the crippling racism that actually harms their children more than it even harms Asians.