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This happens, and has been happening, hundreds of thousands of times, if not millions of times, all around Western as well as Asian countries, for decades.

In fact – I feel very, very, very bad for most half-Asians that are coming and have come before, and only got to this point because of my mental endurance; frankly I do not think most half-Asians that look Asian will be able to. As long as “cute half-Asians” only exist through racist white fathers who hate Asians and only see Asian women as a “cheap alternative” to white women – these problems will exist forever. How many half-Asians are dead now due to bullying and their father’s “yellow fever?”

Nobody spoke about it, because it was decided that Asian women had “agency” and were not to be judged for their choice in assimilating, even though it was well documented that in Asian culture, marriage was largely seen as for financial and social gain, and that in Asian culture, marrying “successful” men was considered far more important than marrying for love; and of course, white men are seen as pinnacle of success to Asian women, for their conquering of the world.

Essentially, it’s too late now. Nobody cared, and only started caring after people were killed by a half-Asian, raped by a half-Asian, and then almost seventy people killed by a man with a history of pursuing Asian women.

Half-Asian children were bullied, mocked for their Asian heritage, actively assaulted, and made to feel bad about themselves – as if they did not have the right to exist – by the same societies that their mothers were able to integate into, while happily marrying their white supremacist, anti-social racist fathers, who wanted a “traditional,” “family oriented,” non-corrupted, non-Westernized, alternative to white feminists (or white women in general, who rejected him for his appearance or behavior) – but mostly just wanted an “easy lay” with the only woman whose self-esteem was low enough to tolerate an extremely hostile, extremely offensive, extremely anti-social white male.

Asian women were and always were the default choice for racist, power-hungry, bitter White men that were desperate to prove superiority over the only thing they could – Asian men….

And to fight back against “feminism,” and “degeneracy” among their own women.

However, these are literal, breathing half-Asian children that are being raised by the worst, most hostile, most potentially violent white men on the planet, the white men who deliberately seek out “pure” and “non-corrupted” and “almost white” Asian women to express hostile, white-supremacist view points, merely because white women will not tolerate their views or provide them with a sense of family, control, stability, and meaning against “uncontrollable” liberalism and feminism, and provide them with the ego validation that they need, as men, to be in control.

This is happening in real time, and has been happening for a very long time, and the bill for this is long overdue.

We are raised by racist white men who savagely hate White women, Asian men, and use “dominance” over “submissive, “non-promiscuous,” “honorable,” traditional, family oriented, ‘almost white'” Asian women as proof of white supremacy and white male superiority – when White women disagree.

It is only a matter of time before a white man with an Asian wife and Asian looking children goes on a killing spree against minorities, having an Asian wife as merely a vessel for his own white supremacy and insecurity at change; he will, like many of these men with “racist tourette’s”, be perpetually unhappy with his Asian wife, due to the nagging, the low-effort of the relationship, and the politicization of his “marriage,” and constantly be seeking every opportunity to lash out at others.

He will target, unfortunately, among others – half-Asians, many of whom look Asian, and non-white.

That is to say, unless the half-Asians themselves are the ones pulling the trigger in the name of the new white supremacy being carried out by white males and their replacement “white” women – which is just as likely, given the preponderance of half-Asians who try as hard as they can to identify as White, using every tool they can to prove it – therein fulfilling their Asian mothers’ dream of integration, and their white father’s dream of having a white son, without having a white woman involved.