In the off chance that anyone reads this, I am putting the information wholly out there. For the life of me, I am not sure why the world refuses to see that white men are fully capable of marrying non-white women, while being extremely, extremely racist, like my father.

I do not care what your opinion of me is; I have done a lot of bad things. I am not trying to stop interracial marriage. All I am trying to do is determine patterns and extrapolate out of concern for things that I have done, and what may happen in the future. One can look at past examples, and determine patterns that may or may not shape up even worse in the future.

There are many incidents of racist white men marrying non-White women. Historically, this has happened, but on a macro level it is common.

This goes unnoticed by most people who assume that white men who marry non-white women cannot possibly be racist, while ignoring how the male sex drive works.

Many of these men are rejected by White women, while feeling entitled, like many men do, to women, and sex, and relationships, in general.

Many of these men have intense anger towards White women in interracial relationships, while being in interracial relationships themselves.

This is doubly so towards white women who are with black men. This is how the male brain – at least the white male brain – works; it prizes itself on being “normal” with people of color as abnormal. When deprived of validation of white women, they turn to Asian women, in particular, due to ease, and perception of traditionalism (i.e., she is the ideal white woman, albeit with slightly different features).

These racist white men have a tendency towards Asian women, and in some cases, Hispanic, seeing any opportunity to have their racism validated with a “submissive” non-feminist woman that will tolerate their viewpoints; the woman, in turn, gets to feel a sense of upward mobility and power, being married to a man who she can more easily manipulate and use to climb the social ladder, without having to be subject to his sexual urges – hence the idea that white men are more “gentlemanly.”

They will raise biracial children with the explicit purpose of having them fulfill the white father’s white supremacist idealism – regardless of what the child looks like. In the mind of the white father, the child is a “colonized” biracial that is an upgrade of the non-White mother. There might even be some component within his brain, that prevents him from seeing his child as a person of color (though this might need more studies and I have only noticed through empiricism). His racism will be compounded by the white father’s sense of personal failure – due to having failed with his first choice – white women, and oftentimes when the marriage collapses (e.g., dead bedrooms) or the Asian mother’s ruthlessness kicks in – he will become more and more aggressive as a way to reaffirming power, and forcing this onto his children.

The child, like Zimmerman, in turn, yearns to be white, and develop overcompensating personalities to help them achieve an idealized form of whiteness. In this case, actively hunting black people, wherein fulfilling the militarized version of assimilation.

Cases like Zimmermans, as well as Holtzclaw and Rodger, will become increasingly common unless people begin to recognize that engaging in interracial relationships is not an indicator of anti-racism, at all.

Keep in mind, that in all of these cases, there was an element of anti-blackness. This seems to be a unifying theme. All of the white male fascination with Asian women, actually derives from a cyclical fear of black male sexuality – wherein the white male seeks a similar form of what he perceives as “dominance” by doing so with Asian women. Ironically it is perhaps proximity to blackness that “saved” half-Asians from being violently assaulted, as preoccupation with black people makes Asians / Hispanics more pleasant by comparison.

We live in a bizarre world where inequality is not vanquished, but merely postponed and in some cases, diverted, and people tend to ignore this in favor of “magical thinking” which dusts extremely problematic cases under the carpet, rather than confronting them head on.