I’m sick of explaining why looking Asian – even when you have an alt-right, anti-feminist white dad and Asian mom – is viewed with derision in America and much of the West.

Worse, is that adding a racist white guy and a self-hating Asian mom who hope for beautiful, predominantly white looking Half-Asian children is a disaster, regardless of how the child looks, because it is important for a child to develop proper self-esteem when in close proximity to whiteness – especially if he is not white – and more so if his father and mother are convinced that whiteness is the ideal, and non-whiteness is abnormal.

The preoccupation with “light features” that is found among Asians is horrific.

This is also why many half-Asians identify as white – out of fear of being seen as Asian, and embrace their father’s pro-white politics, and also have a tendency to gaslight Asian-looking Eurasians with the same intensity.

Lo and behold, many of us wind up only being favored by black women, who, like us, suffer from perpetual and excruciating racism, where we’re not even allowed to form relationships without being judged for our appearance, and have to deal with excruciating and debilitating racism from all sides, even from our parents, many of whom actively work to lower the self-esteem of Asian looking men, preventing us from finding ourselves worthwhile partners; then, these same racist white men and Asian Tiger Moms turn around and tell us NOT to date black women – for fear of losing her potential white grandchildren (if that were even possible given our extremely low societal status).

What happened to me was that, despite being well liked in high school and college, I allowed myself to become racist against blacks, despite having several black women interested in me, simply because I was influenced by my parents’ anti-black racism, and being sent down a path – with little resistance – where I falsely believed that I was white.

Kei is also a good example of half-Asians who inherit the less “tight” facial features that are found on Asians. The irony of many half-Asians is that Asian men are oftentimes criticized by Asian women for their “toxic masculinity,” and because Asian men oftentimes have wide faces and narrow eyes, historically, these were viewed as frightening and masculine. Asian women oftentimes, however, marry men that are easier to control (i.e., less masculine white men), and this in turn causes half-Asian children to lose the “tight eyes” of full Asians, and have softer faces, more “melted” features that ironically make them look even less threatening and more like the “effeminate”, double eye-lid Asian men that are mocked by the media.