One of probably hundreds of thousands of cases that have been going on for decades, while people mistook the “fetishization” of Asian women as a sign of progress, when it was the exact opposite; and now the children of said couples are coming of age.

The Huffington Post article where he admits that he’s a pedophile.

Neo Nazi and pedophile Nathan Larson has a half-Asian daughter with his current wife, a Filipino woman.
Neo Nazi and pedophile Nathan Larson has a half-Asian daughter with his current wife, a Filipino woman.


The terrifying reality of the racist fetishization of Asian women is that it derives from proximity to blackness, and derives from the white male entitlement towards “traditional,” family oriented,” non-feminist, conservative, clean women that will not challenge his views on white supremacy and “conservative” family-values  – like a white woman will.

Asian women are “cute,” clean, smart, intelligent, family oriented, educated, light skinned, calm, stable, peaceful, and civilized alternatives to White feminists, who white men fear lust after black men.

Meaning that when White men began to feel the pressure of the equalization of blackness, and white women began to see black men as potential partners – only then, did Asian women become more “enticing” for white men seeking masculinity by proxy, in a desperate attempt to feel a degree of sexual relevancy and power, and mostly control.

E.g., when the threat of black masculinity began to encroach on white maleness – Asian women became a suitable way to feel “more powerful” and “restore” a traditional, functioning society.

The problem is that people like Nathan don’t view the Asian woman as anything other than an accessory towards his masculinity, and will remain antagonistic towards blacks, Jews, Muslims, and yes, Asians – especially Asian men – and especially large numbers of Asians. Hence we find many “anti-immigrants” with Asian wives, because the male desire for sex and validation, overwhelms his ability to properly live by his white-supremacist goals, and so to compensate for his cognitive dissonance (as well as his unhappiness with his low-status wife), he will become even more aggressive and potentially violent – in order to justify his marriage, and to channel his anger at his Asian wife – onto Asians.

This is probably compounded by a sexless or dead bedroom with a wife that becomes more and more depressed with her situation, realizing in time that she is merely the object of a “fetish” from a man who was rejected by white women – and this causes men like Nathan to become even more aggressively white supremacist. Given that Asian women, like others, are NOT sex-toys, and marry primarily for social benefits, the white man can oftentimes be even more disappointed with her lack of attraction to him – causing him to lash out, and become even more hostile towards other couples (especially Asian male / white female couples, that are more sexually compatible).

“Half Asians” will only be accepted in a situation where they are seen as “almost white” in comparison to whites under threat from blacks. Barring that, White people hate Asians, and they hate half-Asians that look too Asian as well.

If you continue to ignore this, as you have, for decades, it is something that western civilization will be reeling from. I am not a jealous Asian man. I do not want Asian women. I am a Eurasian who understands this dynamic. I wanted a happy life. Instead I am doomed to pretty much devote my life to telling anyone who will listen that they’re making a tremendous mistake ignoring this and eventually the bubble will pop.

Half Asian children do not look white. We are raised by white-supremacists, de facto white supremacists who simply do not care about anything but ensuring a world where whiteness reigns supreme.