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As I said, it’s very hard to be sane with this kind of parental dynamic, especially when you look Asian (a bad thing in most peoples’ eyes), and are the produce of a tremendous imbalance.

Again, white men seek out Asian women, sometimes, to demonstrate “power” against feminism, “coalburners” (women who sleep with black men), and liberals, using “traditional, family oriented” Asian women as a tool to fight back against society – which they deem “anti-white.”

White men seek out Asian women merely as a LAST and DESPERATE RESORT to maximize on White Maleness – when it is challenged elsewhere. This is why White men who “like” Asian women are extremely hostile towards Asian men, and White women, for reminding them of their “failure” to properly maximize on white privilege.

Unfortunately, many Asian women do believe that marriage to a “beta” white male for the purpose of social status and integration into her host country, as well as ‘control and dominance’ of her less “toxically masculine” husband,  is a viable means of raising a biracial child – most of whom do not look white, and struggle with extreme anti-Asian racism that is largely directed at Asian and half-Asian males.

While Asian women are subjected to racism (as seen in the cartoon in which she wears a qipao), many choose to ignore it for the social benefit of having an opportunity to surmount white women in society, and to feel more beautiful and desired, and to have bragging rights of assimilation.

Many also seem to want to “normalize” White male / Asian woman relationships in an attempt to cover up for their own racism against blacks and Asians, while continously badmouthing Asian males – which affects the child’s mentality, such as Elliot Rodger, who internalized Asian inferiority.

Moreover, many of these men are successful in finding an Asian wife, but their disappointment with her Asianness (and her cultural tendency towards being very hard on her husband – e.g., screaming, nagging, belittling him, due to her lack of attraction towards him, given that he is generally a reject) causes many white men to become overtly aggressive as a way to prove they are still somehow “in control.”

The Asian wife’s general nagging, a passive aggressive remnant of her own insecurity, her own anger at being seen as “low status” despite being married to a white man, and her anger at her husband’s low status, causes her to become very angry and controlling towards him – which causes the white man to become even more racist.

The idea that half-Asians were all “beautiful,” was largely made up to cover up for this imbalance, meaning that half-Asians were by design meant to be the closest approximation to a white child (or at least non-Asian), that would be possible with a racist white father (who hates blacks and Asian men), and an Asian mother who wishes she was white and sought to replace the white woman, such that she can fulfill her dreams of integration.

E.g., the biracial Asian is merely a “replacement white child” for two parties seeking a form of validation and power and maximization on whiteness.

Unfortunately, proximity to whiteness, plus crippling Asian stereotypes that affect both genders, plus the bizarre dynamic of the Asian Tiger Mother, and the racist, privileged white father in thebackground who hates Asians yet is only able to marry an Asian woman – makes being biracial Asian very, very hard, given that the bulk of half-Asians look Asian.

You’ve been warned. No, I do not like Asian women or think I own them. I just realize these people are trying to pass off something very evil, as “progressive.”