More proof that white men turn to Asian women out of desperation on being able to maximize on their white privilege and to “retake” power, when white women do not want them.

This is borderline violent, and it can be speculated that eventually one of these very unhappy, low-status white men with hypocritical, sexual-desperation-driven yellow fever will go on a killing spree of Asian or Eurasian men, due to being very unhappy with the current state of race relations that “forces” him to “resort” to Asian women.

Most white men who “prefer” Asian women are extremely, above-and-beyond racist against not just blacks, but Asian males, and white women; which is why the most famous half-Asian of all time is known for mass murdering Asian men and White women.

Asian women, are by and large, because of their very low self-esteem (because of their appearance) are the last resort for many non-Asian men who feel “wronged”, or “rejected” by other women (because these men are physically unattractive). They develop nearly constant and loud racism against Asian men, black men, white women, and elaborate theories about “beautiful” Asian women in order to justify why it is acceptable to be both a white supremacist, and pursue Asian women; many of these theories also hype up Eurasians, despite the fact that most of our parents are very ugly, and most of us look Asian and are treated as such.

Many of these men ignore that most half-Asians look very Asian, and as a result struggle with the difficulty of being raised by such vile men. Adding to the fact that the Asian wife still reminds him that he is low status, most of these men continuously seek to attack Asians, white women, feminists – in order to consistently justify, for their entire life, their marriage to a less-than-attractive Asian woman, and consistently prove that he is “better” than Asian men.

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E.g., when White men are rejected by white women in favor of, for example, black men, many unattractive white men – feeling that the world should be given to them – go for Asian women.

Asian women, because of their low self-esteem, are last choice for the most despicable, repugnant white men on the planet seeking to maximize on white privilege, and given that many are able to find Asian partners (due to Asian women seeking status and a way out of their own appearance – which they find unattractive), many of these men do wind up having half-Asian children.

The fascination with Asian women largely comes with the belief that they are more supportive of “hard working,” racist white men, while white women are seen as feminist.

Many of these White men with Asian partners also hate Asians, especially Asian men, for reminding them of their own low status and failure with women. Oftentimes the nagging and low quality of the Asian wife and the dead bedroom will cause him to project his hatred of her race, onto Asian males.

They also severely hate seeing Asian male and Eurasian male (most of whom look Asian), with White women, because in their minds, Asian men are below even the worst, most rejected white man.

You’ve been warned.