An old post to that got lost in the archives.


Another one from Reddit. Here is the archive.  His Asian looking children (most half Asians look 90% Asian) will know that their father said this about them.

His comment on another thread. This wasn’t from years ago – it was from days ago. (Edit, original post was from 2016). Meaning that this man is married to an Asian woman – will have half Asian kids – and will be bringing damaged children into this world.

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Asian looking children raised exclusively by racist white fathers (or non-Asian), who hate Asians, yet turn to Asian women out of “desperation” to reaffirm their masculinity and sense of purpose, control and meaning, when challenged by white or non-Asian women (who have standards).


The most racist, vile White men deliberately target Asian women as a way to “reestablish” power over the only thing they can.

The overwhelming majority of white men who “prefer” Asian women are hardcore racists seeking every opportunity they can to demean Asian men for three reasons:

  1. To prove that there is someone lower than them, after these same white men feel “wronged” by liberal, western society and rejected by “feminist” white women
  2. To “justify” their relationship with a “traditional,” “smart,” “light-skinned” Asian woman that they, in all likelihood, see as being nothing but an alternative to white women who rejected them, and causes the white man to be permanently “on edge.”
  3. Upon being nagged by her, upon realizing that she is not what he expected, and upon being judged harshly by other whites, he will project his hatred of Asians onto Asian men.

This is precisely why half Asians with Asian mothers and White fathers wind up being blow outs despite harboring an unusual egotism that other mixed races do not have (e.g., “I am Half Asian master race”). No matter what we do in life – we will have a perpetual knowledge that it is our fathers who are White. 

And remember, it is literally the worst, most disrespectful, most racist, and most antisocial men who are raising half Asian sons (as a way to have children or a family at all, after being denied such by White women) – so you wonder why every single criminal who was half Asian in this world has a white father; and wonder why so many half Asians are extremely arrogant and self-possessed about their heritage – as a compensation tool for their latent insecurity about their Asianness.

No other mixed race lives with such a hyper-arrogant self-image about their own superiority, and also a very latent, very poisonous self-hatred, like Elliot Rodger.

These same men try to raise us as white, as “better” than full Asian men – but the world treats us exactly the same. My dad never said things like this (that I know of) but I internalized my anti-Asian hatred for a long time, not limited to but including the fact that I denied I was Asian for a very, very long time. I even joined White Nationalism and turned on all my black / non-white friends in an attempt to be whiter, due to the uniform belief that Asianness was a bad thing, such that the worst, most contemptuous and anti-social white men is a better pick.

In fact, there are so many Half Asian males that are born to rejected, antisocial White men who harbor inferiority complexes and use their “superiority” over Asian men as a way to reestablish “power” over change and modernism, that the next generation of half Asians can be presumed to be the next generation of white supremacists and anti-social, racist young men, with the added benefit of being double insecure about their Asian maleness, as they are their white maleness.