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Gee, wow, a real study shows that half-Asians have high rates of mental illness. Ten years I have been writing of this – and ten years later it seems that people are finally beginning to notice that white racists with “yellow fever” endangers our mothers, and us, the children.

Who would have thought that a grossly ugly, socially inept, rejected, friendless, extremely racist white guy with immense physical defects and anger at the world for rejecting him because he’s ugly (which he channels into racism or anti-feminism), and a self-hating, clinically depressed Asian woman who stares at the ground while out with her “husband,” and ignores clear and present racism against her “white” children simply because she wanted to feel, for once in her life, that she was beautiful and accepted into a superior Westernized country:

Yeah, that’s going to create healthy kids, since the bulk of us look Asian. But that’s obviously not the worst part – since we have even higher rates of mental illness than full Asians do – specifically BECAUSE of the dynamic of hyper-racist loser white dads / self-hating, vicious Asian moms.

Here’s why Half-Asians have mental problems and are probably going to be a threat to others, thanks to their parents, and yes – there is no denying it now – this is entirely thanks to their parents.

  • Racist parents, yet biracial. Ironically, the two people most adamantly opposed to healthy Asian identification are the ones raising Asian sons, and think that a raceplay, fetish based, dominance based relationship based on the superiority of the white man – will lead to healthy kids.
  • We look Asian – which is routinely mocked, ignored and humiliated in the West.
  • We look Asian – and RACISM, RACISM, RACISM. Trust me, none of us want to be Asian. NO half-Asian in their right mind would want to identify as an Asian male, because ALL of our parents are White dads. The only people who CARE about half-Asians are Asians who hate themselves so much that they make up myths about half-Asians.
  • We look Asian, and even Asian women hate Half-Asian men who look too Asian; trust me, women in our family let us know about this, praising us only for our white features and routinely trying to get us to identify as white.
  • We look Asian (especially bad for men, but probably bad for the girls too, who are probably equally fetishized, as well as hated) – since one drop of Asian blood subjects you to white peoples’ “Asian” stereotypes.
  • We also look Asian, and being Asian is bad – not just to whites, but to Asians themselves, especially if you’re a half-Asian man who looks “too Asian.”
  • Everyone hates our Asian side – and extreme racism against Asians (which Asian women contribute to) is wholly tolerated, and supported by our parents.
  • Strange, low effort “dynamic” between self-hating, perpetually angry Asian mom, perpetually scowling, controlling, nagging, pestering, cruel, money-obsessed and micromanaging Asian mom, and racist, bitter white father in a loveless, “practical” marriage, that makes us very uncomfortable with identifying as Asian.
  • Our parents actually say we look “too Asian,” and mock us for being Asian; others parents deny that we look Asian, while whites consider us Asian and call us racist names.
  • Close proximity to whiteness allows some of us to “overhear” some of the most horribly racist things that whites say in private.
  • Zero media representation of Asians / half-Asians in the west, other than Asian women being fetishized.
  • Our moms hated being Asian, and ignored racism while allowing themselves to be fetishized by entitled weirdos seeking a low-effort, non-feminist replacement to non-Asian women, so that our mothers could feel “beautiful” and “included.”
  • Ugly, very racist, very anti-social, anti-feminist, conspiracy theorist, fringe-politic-believing, socially-inept white fathers who couldn’t get a white woman (or a non-Asian woman), and relied on Asian women’s self-hatred and cutthroat obsession for “status” to form a “relationship”
  • Conspiracy theorist, racist, ultra-conservative white dad who uses “family oriented,” “chaste,” “traditional,” white-worshipping Asian women as a way to find the “answer” to a “degenerate world,” (i.e., finding a woman who will tolerate him for being a racist white guy with vast conspiracy theories about why the world is mean to white men), while mocking Asian men
  • Clinically depressed, nagging, borderline schizophrenic, extremely cruel, extremely toxic, extremely anti-POC, extremely anti-black, violent Asian moms who want their kids to be white, shame us for having Asian features, try to micromanage our lives to maximize on white privilege, and beat us when we look too Asian (my mother beat me with coat hangers, the dull end of a butcher knife, a belt, my own sneakers). She also killed herself after finding out that her husband was a holocaust-denier who didn’t make enough money.
  • Social isolation due to mockery from whites, rejection by Asians
  • Asians, for whatever reason, are completely unable to conceptualize that white people actually hate them; but instead, they worship and seek to integrate with white people.
  • Divorced parents or parents who just don’t communicate because they never loved each other, just needed each other for the wrong, yet very practical reasons
  • Made fun of by whites for being Asian
  • Rejected by women for being Asian, including Asian women who still consider us Asian
  • Asian mother works to keep you away from black and non-White women
  • Controlling, manipulative Asian mother continuously pressures you to look white, hypes up your “white” features, and criticizes you for not maximizing on your “privilege” (which is not existent)
  • Made fun of by society for being Asian
  • Your depressed, screaming, nagging Asian mom keeps pushing you to be SO SUCCESSFUL – YOU A WHITE! YOU A WHITE! despite 5.5 billion people on the planet considering you Asian
  • Go home and your parents are more racist and hostile to people of color than most White / white couples, despite being in an interracial relationship
  • Racist dad likes making anti-Asian jokes, and uses his Asian wife as an excuse as to why he’s not racist, even though he married her explicitly because he was a racist who wanted a “substitute” white woman who would support his racism without question.

The Hapacalypse – i.e., a large number of maladjusted Asian-looking children raised by de facto white supremacists, one of whom happens to not be white – is coming, folks – and the bizarre phenomenon of Elliot Rodger, Daniel Holtzclaw, Kelly Baltazar, Krit McClean, and other half-Asians that are treated just as poorly as Asians have been, has just begun; I am here, only to warn people.

Oh, but, EurasianTiger is just a jealous Asian man!

No, no, I’m not. I’m just well aware of what’s wrong with me, I have had an immense struggle trying to accept my heritage, and I know that there are going to be some deadly Half-Asian people out there.

I don’t have the answer. All it seems to me is that we are experiencing an entirely lopsided intergration pattern that strongly disfavors Asian features, unless they are on a woman – and this woman serves as a replacement for white women (who are seen as too feminist), for a white man who hates Asians – but just needed to get laid.

Should be interesting to see how this plays out.