White (and sometimes non-Asian) men “prefer” Asian women for many reasons, but they can be simplified to rather easy to understand terms. What this all means: high risk half-Asian kids, raised by Asian moms who accept racist, privileged white males in an attempt to integrate, and feel “assimilated,” and privileged, white males who both deny and support racism against their own children! 

Whether you agree with it or not – it’s happening, it’s been happening, and it’s going to continue happening.

I don’t think I “own” Asian women. I just recognize something going on – and want people to know about it because if you ignore it – you’re endangering yourself. These people are a fundamental danger to everyone around them – including us, the half-Asians – but moreso other people who want to see a more progressive world. I just wanted a normal life, without this insanity of a racist Tiger Mom and a friendless, Neo-Nazi white father.

Some recent examples of this in my personal life: a white man “dating” one of my Chinese aunts, who took me aside and told me that there are “too many Chinese students in the U.S., most of whom are spies.” He is short, balding, and divorced from a white woman, and saw my aunt as an “anti-feminist” woman to form a relationship with.

  • Asian women like them back. 

In other words, when white men feel “wronged” by change and globalism or liberalism or feminism, that makes them feel less “valuable,” they turn to “white skinned,” “submissive,” “almost-white” Asian women as a way to feel as if someone appreciates him, and makes him feel valuable. I’d say that since most white men are racist – or at least oblivious to racism, and they just go for what they feel they have the best shot with to get laid, and since Asian women desperately want to feel “integrated,” a racist white male like my father is just fine and dandy. This doesn’t change his opinions or entitlement at all. They just blame being rejected by women with standards (i.e., rejecting bald, autistic, short, ugly white men)- as “feminism.” So now you have racist white guys – or guys who deny racism – pretty much defaulting to “submissive, family oriented, non-progressive” Asian women, as the first choice for “replacement” white women – and they’re all raising half-Asian children.

  • Asian women are “revenge” against non-Asian women.

When these guys feel “wronged” or “rejected” by other women, they turn to “submissive” Asian women to feel big and “in control” as a “strong” white man. They deliberately target East and Southeast Asian women with the idea that Asian women are so “desperate” to get away from Asian guys, that they will accept a very ugly, (e.g., bald, short) very antisocial White male. What’s worse is that these guys seem to have a seething hatred for Asian guys (especially Asian male / White female couples), which I guess is their way of either justifying a relationship that isn’t satisfying to them (since the first choice was non-Asian), or just a way to remain feeling “large” and relevant, despite the Asian wife. He probably becomes even more racist against Asian men (who he feels are beneath him), and Asians, after being constantly belittled and pestered by his wife (who isn’t actually attracted to him, and only married out of her own desperation to escape her culture as well as utility and convenience), and needs to channel his anger at someone.  He might even feel “disappointed” with the fact that his wife, as an Asian woman, is not actually white – but merely a “replacement.”

  • Asian women are seen as “traditional” and “family oriented.”

White women are seen as slutty and whores, prone to “divorce raping” their husbands. These unattractive (e.g., bald, short, ugly) men idealize Asian women as more “tolerant” of unattractive white men, which might be true, given that Asian women do not marry for love – only following their pragmatic “survival mentality”. It’s the same reason Trump went after several foreign born Russian / Eastern-European women. They are seen as “morally superior” to American women. Asian women are seen as “clean,” white-skinned, coming from “noble” and “organized” cultures, and less prone to sleeping around, cheating, and more prone to “education,” and “financial success.” I.e., “they appreciate good, hard working white men,” while white women prefer anyone BUT the ugliest white men. In these White males’ minds, whiteness is normal, powerful, and desirable – so Asian women are “upgrading” themselves, while white women are “making mistakes.”

  • Asian women will “tolerate” extreme racism, while White women won’t.

White guys that are extremely racist against blacks, or Holocaust deniers – will have difficulty with white women who probably are more liberal. Asian women oftentimes nod their heads when White men complain about minorities (including other Asians) – but also about “anti-whites.” Asian women are essentially the ideal, racist, submissive white woman – but Asian, rather than white.

  • Asian women are “smart,” submissive and “loyal.”

Again, compared to white women, who are seen as “superficial.” This can often backfire as some Asian women aren’t submissive, but instead extremely controlling and dare say – very petty, very cruel (like my mother) and aggressive toward their husbands. This actually causes a lot of these men to become even more racist, probably as a way of reestablishing power, in their minds. Asian women, however, remain “smart,” “traditional,” “family oriented,” women who want a powerful white man and a stable, nuclear family. Oftentimes, white or non-Asian men mistake Asian women being asexual and averse to convention physical attraction, as “traditionalism”, but this leads to sexless marriages that cause aggression in the male.

  • Asian women are seen as “non-Jewed,” and non-corrupted, and appreciative of “traditional values.”

Asian women are viewed as being unlike western women in that they are not corrupted by western influences. E.g., Jewish conspiracies. Asian women have light skin, they’re “pretty,” but most of all they just appreciate racist white guys seeking to avoid celibacy and a sense of masculine helplessness.

  • Asian women are famously racist behind closed doors.

Asian moms, like mine, hate black people, Latinos, and Indians, and even other Asians. They put on a show to white society trying to act like victims – but behind closed doors are the most pro-white-privilege of any ethnic group; even moreso than white women. They view themselves as “almost white,” and so they marry white men with the belief that their kids will look white, and that their children will be able to properly “integrate” into a white country. But it rarely works like that. Obviously having a white skinned, “submissive” woman that is unapologetically pro-white-privilege sounds like a great deal for horny, anti-feminist racists. Of course, a lot of Asian women think that it’s “humorous” to be “pro-white” as a woman of color; it makes them feel as if they’re combatting white women, and taking their place as more “reasonable” Tiger Ladies.

  • White men feel intimidated by black men.

Many white men feel frightened of the supposed “black male sexual prowess,” and of course, this upsets the male ego, as white men want to feel the most desirable. In turn, they turn to Asian women as a way to feel a sense of strength and sexual power over Asian men, the same way that they feel black men do over white men (regardless if this is true or not). It’s simply “revenge” via sex, and cyclical masculinity. Especially bad since these guys hate Eurasian men too, and more often than not cannot tell the difference between Eurasians and full Asians. The most racist men are ironically the guys raising Asian sons, in a last ditch effort to feel “powerful” over the only people they can. The predictable, pro-white, white skinned, “non-promiscuous” Asian wife gives him a sense of “control” over an “uncontrollable” society.

  • White men feel Asian women won’t sleep with black men

White men seem to resent white women for choose “loser” and “violent” black men, and ignoring “good” hard working white men. But Asian women are seen as hard-working, clean, family oriented Tiger Women that want to say home and “care” for the white man and his family. But mostly, lots of white men like that Asian women won’t sleep with black men or challenge the idea of white western superiority.

  • Foreign born women aren’t able to recognize the deepness of white racism, and / or ignore or don’t care

Many women, because of the language gap, don’t understand just how deep racism runs, allowing their racist husbands to “take advantage” of their inability to understand racist nuances that would disgust non-Asian women. Others of them feel “flattered” that white supremacists want Asian women as “replacements” for white women. Others of them simply “like” white supremacists for representing “success”  – something other people of color don’t understand. Others of them simply don’t care, and due to their “pragmatist” Tiger Mom mentality – feel that integrating with racist men means that they get a chance to feel “power” and to feel like they have a better chance at climbing the ranks in the world.

  • Being physically or socially unattractive drives these men into conspiracy theories, racism, and anti-feminism, and they feel they are, at least, better than all Asian men

White and non-Asian men that are rejected by white women for their looks (or lack thereof) blame this on feminism, rather than sexual selection. They become more racist, feeling entitled to white women, while seeking a replacement to heal their sexual anxiety – Asian women. In turn, Asian men are the enemy; below even the worst, most “incel” white man, and so white men with Asian women oftentimes passionately hate Asian men, especially when Asian men get women of any color. This is compounded by the fact that the white man in WMAF is fully aware that he is not desirable despite having an Asian partner – due to her lack of attraction to him; and this drives his anger towards white women and Asian men even more.

Either way, it’s common enough at this point to have had several real world repurcussions (Stephen Paddock, Elliot Rodger, Daniel Holtzclaw), especially since half-Asians don’t look white, especially as they get older. And even if they did look white – then that’s a problem as well, since the kids will just become the next generation of even more hardcore white supremacists, fueled by their own insecurities. Male sexuality doesn’t operate on principles of morality. It’s pretty late in the game for self-hating Asian moms to figure that out, and there are enough bodies in the ground now for people to start questioning exactly what they were doing for the last forty years.

Oh well – have fun with this.