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This is exactly where Elliot Rodger came from – a one man death squad devoted to white supremacy and harassing non-white men and White women.

Asian women like my mother happily marry White supremacists in a desperate attempt to integrate, escape their Asian features, and feel “beautiful,” fully cognizant that half-Asian men many times look and identify as Asian – but hoping, instead, that we, their children, look white – like their fathers.

Continue to ignore me – a half-Asian, as I continuously point this out. Continue to ignore me as I warn people that half-Asians are the highest risk demographic on the planet. Continue to ignore me as I admit that my own father is a Holocaust denying Neo-Nazi and my mother Chinese. Continue to ignore me when I say that we’re long overdue for some incel, racist White man with a mail-order, submissive, “traditional” wife who makes him feel “powerful” for being White – goes on a killing spree, targeting Asians, Latinos, blacks – and even Half-Asians.

White men with Asian wives are racist against Asian men – and go for Asian women as a way to feel “large” against feminism and change. The list of white supremacists with Asian wives is extremely long – and Asian women are their number one choice to feel “powerful” in a situation where their lives, as White men, are not as relevant as they thought.

Asian women, in the case of Leroy – are the primary choice to feel as if they have meaning, control in a world that they view is too liberal, and ironically, too “multicultural.” Asian women are seen as traditional, family oriented, clean and smart, unlike “whorish” White women.

Not Asian men though – and not Half-Asian men. They are beneath him (the only thing that he is able to channel his sexual aggression towards), just his punching bag for his own desperate need to feel powerful, despite having an Asian wife.

Last week, Zion was caught on a dashboard camera harassing an Asian man while driving in Long Beach. He can be heard calling the man “little Asian piece of sh*t” and pounding on the car’s door before speeding off.

Regardless of the fact that their sons oftentimes look 100% Asian.

Many of them, driven mad by the fact that their Asian wives continuously pester and nag them and remind them of their own failure, socially and financially – go after Asian men as a way to take out their pent up aggression, and feel powerful – using the only target that they have; i.e., I may be a loser in a dead bedroom with a screaming, nagging Asian wife, and was unable to get a white woman – but at least Asian men are beneath me.

In early 2018 I predicted that a White man with an Asian wife would go around mass murdering people – especially Half Asians who look too Asian, as well as Asian male / White female couples. Looks like this might come a little bit earlier than expected.