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I mean – I guess it’s all the same to him. One can only wonder if this is a result of Hunt’s Japanese porn addiction (given like most white male / Asian woman relationships – the dead bedroom rears its ugly head).

My father actually told me once he wanted to marry a Japanese woman – but had to settle for a Chinese woman.

When dealing with men with yellow fever – oftentimes the woman is merely seen as being a perpetual back up plan for him to feel as if he still retains some modicum of power and relevance, while “waiting” for a white woman to come along.

Also it should be noted that Hunt also once said that if immigration was not curbed – his children would be persecuted.

Yet another case of an anti-immigration white man who couldn’t get a white woman on board with his anti-immigrant, conservative sentiment, and went for a chaste, traditional, family oriented Asian woman with good, conservative values.

Only problem was that he wasn’t able to properly predict that his children would look like immigrants.

What’s it gonna be? Another mass shooting with WMAF at the helm – before the rest of the world has a sit down with WMAF couples and gives them an intervention on their behavior? I certainly think so.

Feel sorry for their kids. It’s bad enough looking Asian in this world without the racist white dad / self-hating doormat pragmatic Asian Tiger Mom who continues to allow poor behavior from her white husband because integration with a white man who failed to meet the bar, is more important than, say, love, or proper child-rearing.