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More nightmarish hell for half-Asians raised by alt-right white guys with Asian wives who are “anti-feminist,” “anti-black,” and “almost white,” yet hate Asians for challenging white male supremacy. Ever notice how couples that are supposedly “in love” having nothing but seething, dripping vitriol for everyone around them? It is as if Asian women are merely a “political” movement to “take back” power against others.

Feel sorry for – but more likely, feel frightened of – their kids. Elliot Rodger’s intense racism towards Asians was also derived from his parents.

I’ve seen this “too many Asians” thing from balding “incels” in university who could only get Asian girls – yet turned around and insulted me for my heritage.

They use Asian “FOB” women as a way to feel like they’re not totally incel, while bashing Asians and especially Asian guys. It’s as if they can’t get over the fact that they hate Asians, yet also that the only women that “like” them are Asian women. I suspect that the subconscious anger over the fact that they are losers who can only attract Asian FOBS, combined with their hatred of “too many” Asians – makes them overtly outspoken, violent and miserable.

The most racist white men in the world are those that actually have half-Asian children with “almost white” Asian women, because rather than confront their own racism, they choose to maximize on it, since progressive White women won’t take them – and they need to feel powerful with an Asian wife who will “tolerate” his racism and make him feel big, unchallenged and strong in the face of multiculturalism and change towards an equal playing field.

Of course, “I’m not racist, my wife is Asian.”

Racist white men essentially “default” to submissive, “traditional,” “conservative,” clean, family oriented Asian women, over “fat,” “feminist,” “traitor” white women – who they view as challenging White male supremacy.

White / non-Asian “incels” seek out “white skinned” Asian women a way to reestablish power over White women – who they view as “betraying” “good,” hard-working white men, in favor of black men.

These same incels see “pure,” “submissive” Asian women as a way to marry a light-skinned, traditional, family oriented, chaste, loyal, smart woman who is “almost white,” and give White men the sense of control, meaning and power that they feel was taken by them by Jews, liberals and the “anti-white agenda.” Ironically, multiculturalism, which they hate – also involves Asian immigrants.

Essentially – racist white incels saw Asian women as the “answer” to white women not being the family oriented sex-slaves that they wanted. Asian women, with their obsession for whiteness, and their incredibly low standards (due to the cultural belief that marriage is for practical gains and money) – were always the immediate answer for racist white guys who couldn’t properly deal with the fact that an equal playing field was inevitable.

This has been going on for 40 years, with nothing to show for Half-Asian success other than a couple of arrogant gimmick actors, and a handful of violent criminals who never properly adjusted to their biracialness.

There will be another white man with an Asian wife who goes on a killing spree of non-whites, simply because the cognitive dissonance of having an Asian wife – or a “replacement” for a white woman – and proximity to non-whites and multiculturalism, will drive him to overcompensate, sometimes violently.

My only regret is not realizing this sooner. Instead I bought into the extremely falsified Half Asian beauty myth that was made up by WMAF in an attempt to cover up their racism.