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HalfAsian.org does not need to keep beating the dead horse;

Half Asians are oftentimes just as openly racist and openly anti-social as their fathers and mothers; desperate to feel a sense of “belonging,” and masculinity, many half-Asian men adopt the sense of “I’m just as good as a true American,” hoping to fulfill the shoes of their conservative, MRA, far-right, MGTOW, “traditionalist,” rejected white fathers who desperately married “submissive, white skinned, pro-white, thin, family oriented, Tiger-Mother Asian women,” as a way to escape the demands of “feminist” white women and ironically, “multiculturalism.”

By “feminist,” obviously, these men really mean women that, given the choice to choose, don’t choose unattractive, anti-social, openly-racist white men.

All political movements are driven by male sexual desperation, and Asian women – due to the cultural barrier – are the number one pick for white men who need replacements for white women, and who try to shift the rules to balance their sexual needs and their political demands for white-male-supremacy.

These young men, the sons of Asian women, also seek to live up to the white male sexual and social ideal that their mothers hoped for, and escape the crippling stereotypes associated with being Asian (which frankly, do not exist in any other race, other than with Asian men); many cutthroat, pragmatic Asian women marry white men in a desperate attempt to feel integrated, powerful, and have “beautiful” white passing children that can help them survive and feel American in America, and for the social bragging rights of having “white” children – since European features are considered more desirable, compared to “less defined,”  more mocked Asian features.

HalfAsian.org has repeatedly demonstrated, hundreds of times (including EurasianTiger’s personal accounts of his father) that racist, conservative white men love and adore “submissive, white skinned, traditional, family oriented,” Asian women as a predictable, traditional “substitute” (and sexual safety net) for wayward, mudshark white women (or women that won’t f*ck them in general).

Mostly, however, white men “love” Asian women simply because they are “available” to casually-racist white men when they feel challenged by, what they view as, “anti-white” agendas, or, in most cases, black penis.

Asian women are a “submissive, white skinned,” backup plan for white men who seek to feel “powerful” and cannot accept white women choosing black, Latino, or Arab men. and need an alternative to feel strong, and desirable.

Off the top of our heads:

  • Joey Gibson
  • Good Looking Loser
  • Marcus Epstein
  • James Allsup
  • Elliot Rodger
  • Daniel Holtzclaw
  • George Zimmerman (although half-Latino, the dynamic was the same).

were and are all half-Asians with Asian mothers who embraced the viciously racist, viciously backwards, anti-social and anti-progressive mentalities of their fathers, who married Asian women in the hopes of feeling powerful in the face of change or upon being rejected by white women who they viewed as being “too feminist” for rejecting their fathers. They sought to emulate the power structures that formed and allowed their parents’ marriage in the first place.

More of these losers are out there – since the new wave of white supremacy is being spearheaded by anti-social white men and their “just as good as the real thing” Asian wives.

Pretty crazy that everyone just ignored this for 50 years; oh well.

Even more ironic is that I, a half-Asian who is relatively famous, am continuousy gaslighted and shamed for acknowledging this, meaning that if it wasn’t for me, this kind of thing would continue to go unnoticed for another fifty years – and more and more strange things would be happening that would leave sociologists scratching their heads.


You made your own bed, lay in it.