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This has been going on for forty years. Some Asian women were entirely complicit in this (probably completely unaware of how white men think, as in my mother’s case), bragging about “good looking” half-Asians that usually fit a more “white” phenotype, while their husbands were making their way through life badmouthing minorities.

Unfortunately – most of us don’t look white, for one, and two, even if we did – we were often raised to be even more racist than full whites; I myself experimented with white supremacy.

Many half-Asians grew up with this kind of parenting, while being bullied and made fun of for looking Asian, told “I don’t date Asian guys,” while our harsh realities were ignored by our parents who believed that we were indeed “white,” and repeatedly lied about how all half-Asians were “good looking” despite having below average to average looking parents that were more often than not together out of convenience or racism, and formulate “myths” about Half-Asian superiority that don’t exist in other biracials, in order to cover up for much darker motivations.

How are half-Asians supposed to NOT have mental problems when both of their parents are hyper racists?

Confront this now. Apologize now.