I didn’t draw the arrow. It’s just from one of the alt-right incel boards from 4chan, which unironically is filled with racist Neo-Nazis with a burning hatred of “traitorous” white women and a passion for submissive Asian women. Here’s a current example as of RIGHT NOW, 6:30 AM, EST, September 19th.

From left to right: Lauren Southern (alt-right figurehead), second (I don’t know,) Kyle Chapman, aka Based Stickman, and finally Brittany Pettibone, a white supremacist woman.

White male desperation for sex and validation does not prevent them from marrying “submissive, traditional, quiet, chaste, loyal, family oriented, hypersexual, white skinned” Asian women – after being rejected by white women, who these same men fear prefer black / Arab / Hispanic men over them.

The Asian woman provides them with a locus of control, being “easy to predict” (i.e., she will prefer a white man over an Asian man or black man, won’t “divorce rape” him, and won’t cheat).

It should be interesting how the men in the alt-right / Nazi groups / right wing react to increased immigration from Asia, while being married to Asian women. I suspect that they will target Asian males primarily, including half-Asian men that look fully Asian, Latino, or even Middle Eastern. Their Asian wives remain “white,” so long as she does not challenge his white supremacist demands (i.e., deferring to his casual racism, his distaste for blacks, multiculturalism).

I am also noticing a pattern where these white racists, grasping for a sense of control and order – even categorize half-Asians based on “whiter” appearances, and categorize Asians based on fitting into a “civilized” paradigm; i.e., Japan is better than Korea, which is better than China.

The white men who demand white ethnostates and traditional nationalist communities don’t see anything ironic about marriage to Asian women, who in their minds, are “almost” white, since these white-skinned Asian women “prefer” strong, nationalist white men, and white women don’t. They continuously shift the rules to incorporate non-white women as replacements for white women, expecting their children to be normal, while gaslighting our frustration with being shamed and mocked for our Asian heritage – this shame often coming from our parents, who delusionally tell us that we are white (when nobody else considers us white, and mocks us for being Asian).

I’m not making this up. Within a few months if not a year or two, something will happen in the news that will indeed confirm that racist white men favor Asian women while working actively, with their wives, to terrorize the lives of their own children.

All patterns are predictable and ultimately will lead to disarray if these patterns are based on things that are not truly viable or sustainable. This dynamic is much more common than you think. Unfortunately due to willful ignorance from the associated parties (White men and their partners who try to bend the rules to validate their racism to fit the white supremacist bent), it’s hard to say what will happen.

Kyle Chapman and Haley Ly, his Asian wife
Pictures if Kyle Chapman, a white supremacist and alt-righter with an Asian wife named Haley Ly, who is Vietnamese American. Picture posted again for spidering purposes, so that people are aware that desperate white supremacist men marry Asian women, and have half-Asian children, as a way to fight back against “traitorous” white women, multiculturalism, “mudsharks,” and “degeneracy.”