Since I won’t actually cite any of this, since most of the material is easily available, just use your imagination, or better yet, Google.

I don’t HAVE to defend myself for feeling this way about being Half-Asian with a white dad and Asian mom. All I’m doing is pointing out that it’s hard having racist parents, and having people make fun of you for being Asian.

“To All the Boys I Loved Before” is a Netflix “movie” based on a “novel” by an Asian American female author. I say “movie” because pretty much anything can get on Netflix these days. Netflix is about five billion in debt.

In it, the main character, a female half-Asian (obviously with a white father) details her “love” with several (at least 6 or 7) boyfriends.

All of them white.

Some interesting things about both the book, and the movie.

I would say that this would explain what will happen with half-Asians in the future, but much horrific things have happened already, so we can use that as a basis.

  • None of the romantic partners are half-Asian men. Unfortunately, it seems that the author was fully aware that most half-Asian men look predominantly Asian (Ross Butler, Will Jay. Henry Goulding are the primary examples of literally the most famous half-Asians). So of course in her fantasy she literally just writes us out. I might be wrong – but does she have a “sister?” It’s rumored among half-Asians that Asian women who prefer white men yearn for daughters. (Amy Chua, for example).
  • The main character’s “mother” dies in the story. She is raised exclusively by a kind, loving white man. This is interesting for two reasons; one is that Asian women are well known for utterly despising their own mothers in law, as well as having extremely negative interactions with Asian mothers who routinely call their daughters fat, ugly, and worthless. Anyone can visit /r/AsianParentStories and see that 90% of the stories involve Asian mothers. Looking up the author’s photo reveals that indeed, the author is overweight – which obviously led to her victimization by Asians (since Asian people have no problem calling each other, or even their half-Asian or even adopted-white children fat), meaning that even in her half-Asian fantasy, she cannot stand having an Asian mother present.
  • The white father is of course handsome, nice, etc., which ignores that the overwhelming majority of half-Asians have repugnant, racist, alt-right fathers or overall preening shut-ins and an entirely dysfunctional marriage between a screaming, permanently depressed mother, and a meek white father. He’s also apparently a gynecologist which is an entire level of Freudian insanity. I didn’t read the book and would rather climb up on my room and jump off right now than do that. Sorry.
  • The actor chosen for the main character was full Asian, rather than half. It’s funny that they had to roleplay a half-Asian character with a full, meaning that the author, being a nepotistic sadist, really wrote the book about her own fantasy of probably being attractive enough to get a white boyfriend of anything but sub-standard quality. This is just yet another example of replacing full Asian men with with halves (Crazy Rich Asians) – and half-Asian women with fulls. Probably some psycho-sexual elements there. 

    The self-hating writers probably envision their male children as white or nearly white men, with the daughters resembling Asian women, to replicate the dynamic embodied by the parents.

    Something we used to talk about years ago when those cartoonists were drawing their mixed families with the boy with light hair and looking white, and the girl looking fully Asian. There were enough of these cartoons / illustrations around the web to suggest this was a seemingly common occurrence.

  • The main actor or love interest was revealed as having a history of racism against Asians. Who would have thought? That more accurately reflects the reality many half-Asians experienced growing up, and reflects the realities of severely self-hating half-Asians with white supremacist tendencies, as we’ve seen, since, well, our parents are white supremacists and hate Asians (but needed some sex).

The entire movie is pretty much a deliberate denial or reality – which might be the worst thing for many half-Asians who are suffering, but worst of all, pretty much is another piece of media in a long list of media pieces that is designed to convince white people that it’s okay to degrade, attack or even mock anyone of Asian appearance.

I get that the author was probably rejected by Asian men as well as brutally bullied by her parents – but is this kind of stuff necessary?

Either way, I write simply because I want people to know about this nightmare, what’s probably going to happen in the future, and why unless someone does something about these horrible people – more bad things are going to happen.