More on Lil Tay’s behavior

  • Deranged, strange looking self-hating Asian mom with heavy plastic surgery, heavy facial alteration and appearance modification due to desire to integrate and assimilate
  • Psychotic, frantic, neurotic mom shaming her for her slightly Asian looks and not looking completey white
  • Encouraged by her mother to pursue internet fame using her “European” looks and odd and  antagonistic
  • Encouraged and forced by her likely equally mentally-deranged, self-hating and Asian looking elder brother who himself was tormented by the dynamic of white man / Asian woman
  • Divorced parents, likely a racist white dad who couldn’t stand the nagging and insane behavior of the neurotic, money and status obsessed Asian mother
  • Very uncomfortable with her appearance (dyed hair)
  • Mother allowed and encouraged her to dye her hair to more resemble a blonde girl
  • Racist – using the “n” word

She’s just another early onset symptom of the approaching Hapacalypse.

This is a visible trend, with half-Asians being driven into erratic, and bizarre behavior at an earlier and earlier age by the bizarre dynamic of the frantic, sociopathic, perpetually uncomfortable, perpetually angst-ridden, neurotic, clinically depressed, paranoid Asian mother with a racist, unavailable, racist, anti-feminist white father.

Many, many, many of us are raised to hate our own faces – by our own Asian mothers – who work actively to demean and undermine anything but white males.

Y’all have been warned.