A bunch of white nationalists provide an explanation of how Count Kalergi was the mastermind behind the destruction of the West.

Keep in mind that white nationalists absolutely love Japanese women (if you don’t believe this, just go on 4chan’s pol and at any given time, there will be a thread about Asian women), because they’re “submissive,” “anti-feminist,” “traditional,” “family oriented,” and “hate blacks,” and appreciate blue eyes and blond hair. I don’t need to provide examples. Just Google it, or just search for it on the function above. There are dozens of concrete examples on HalfAsian.org.

My father, for example, believes in a Jewish conspiracy to end the west, that the Holocaust was faked in order to give Jews more power so as to corrupt society, and of course, the holy white woman.

HOWEVER, Kalergi, the arch-enemy of the alt-right / Neo-Nazis, is actually half-Japanese, which is funny, because the alt-right relies on “submissive, clean, gentle, family oriented” Japanese women to save the white race. Literally any thread on Nazi forums devoted to white women / black men, are met with a deluge of inevitable “Japanese / Asian women are better” posts. Just go on 4chan and see for yourself. Japanese women are the favored women of /pol. Not like pesky, black-dick-loving white women.

Ironically, my guess is that Kalergi was influenced by racism he experienced, into seeking to devastate the European population by encouraging a larger mixed race population. Something many of us harbor against the west for its racism against us, since, unfortunately, most half-Asians face racism, but white men sure love them some Asian women. And our Asian mothers desperately want to intergrate into western society and create white children – which is an impossibility, since most of us look and are treated as non-white.

As a result – half-Asians with white dads and Asian moms, two extreme racists – will go the exact opposite of their parents’ plan to become “replacement whites,” by destroying the entire system, like Kalergi did.

Even more ironically, by encouraging more people and women of color to migrate to western countries, the more women would actually be interested in us, since, contrarily, WMAF is the most adamant about attacking Asian looking men.

Other WOC recognize Asian men and half-Asian men as what they are: handsome and equal. Not our parents though.

So truly ironically, importing MORE POC into western countries, is good for the sons of alt-right men and Asian women, despite being the polar opposite of what or parents want (see: Michelle Malkin). For guys like Kalergi, it was probably literally a better idea to import Africans, push them to get with white women, so that African women would be freed up to date Asian / Half-Asian guys.

So the godfather of the death of Europe who pretty much invented Blacked.com, was the son of a WMAF, the same pairing that white men celebrate as a way to reestablish power.

I don’t see why WNs with Asian wives think that we’re just going to accept a passively racist state. I also fail to see what our Asian Tiger Moms plan to do with half-Asians who would never be accepted as white by the white people that they desperately want to be part of.

If anything, white passing Hapas with a vendetta, are probably much more dangerous to white hegemony, than clearly visible ethnic minorities. I mean look what I’ve done.