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Non-Asian men, who oftentimes brag about Asian women as a way to feel “large,” hate seeing Asian (and half-Asian) men with non-Asian women, because it defies their ingrained opinions about masculine hierarchies.

Given that most women are not attracted to most men, most men are sexually desperate, and seek to reaffirm masculinity with Asian women, who ignore racism and masculinity in favor of status and power, and hope to elevate themselves from the Asian “ghetto” with less attractive white men.

Asian women, in turn, loathe their “unattractive” status, and pursue unattractive, racist white men as a way to feel powerful, while badmouthing Asian men, and the women who like Asian men, as a way to suitably integrate and assimilate into Western society, and create white passing children who will be able to more properly “function” in a white supremacist system.

When an Asian or half-Asian man has a girlfriend, it bothers both these racist men, as well as their Asian female partners. Elliot Rodger, the son of a white man and an Asian woman, hated seeing Asian men with white female partners, out of the belief that white men deserved women simply for being white, and Eurasian men, being whiter than Asian men, deserved white women more – despite not being able to get them.

Rodger also inherited both his white father’s hatred of white women (having married several non-white, foreign born women), as well as his mothers’ hatred for Asian men (men who reminded her of her own low-status ethnicity).

Many Asian women with non-Asian partners actively harass non-Asian women, to prevent Asian men from being seen as attractive, to ensure that Asian women are better able to integrate into white hegemonies, at the expense of “low status” Asian men. They are also intensely jealous of the happier, more attractive dynamic of Asian men / non-Asian women.