This was one of the  the main portions of the /r/hapas megathread, actually. One of the first cases that was examined.

  • Preference for daughters over sons
  • Asian looking son
  • Vile parents, white supremacist predatory dad, mentally ill, self-hating mom
  • Mental illness and sickness in the child
  • Child is abandoned in Asia, similar to how many WMAF seek to exclude Asian men from immigrating, only prefering “submissive” AF.

Keep in mind this has been happening for a looonnnnnng time. The “beautiful Hapa” thing was just designed to cover up the wild outmarriage rates that exclusively went one way – and openly favor Half-Asian daughters, rather than sons. It is routine among cutthroat Asian mothers to call their children “too Asian” in appearance – which severely damages self-esteem and ability to function in a society that already demonizes Asians, other than the women.

Half-Asian sons are routinely discriminated against for being half-Asian, despite having mothers who seek to create “white” passing babies, and white fathers who predate and manipulate Asian self-hatred in order to form relationships, when they fail with other women.

Also keep in mind here that the half-Asian child, in this case, is identified as Asian, not only by whites, but by self-hating Asians, who are delusional enough to think that a half-Asian child, who faces and endures racism, yet also has to cope with a repugant, racist white father who only manages to find an Asian wife – will be “better off” than full Asians.

Asian people have a “survivalist” mentality where marriage to horrific white men is seen as a boon, and the children are left to navigate society on their own, looking Asian, and coming from broken homes.