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For about 40 years, Asian women, in particular, have actively worked to demean and attack Asian men at every opportunity, in order to more properly integrate and create avenues for assimilation into white America, in order to feel powerful and escape the “Asian ghetto.”

They channel their guilt at AMXF and every other couple by badmouthing AM as a way for people to forget about how WMAF makes many people uncomfortable by being so widely prevalent, while AMXF doesn’t exist.

By consistently and openly bashing AM, they create avenues for their own integration where they “replace” WF as the most powered and sought after class in America. They’re hardcore racists, and had no intention of stopping, even when their own sons looked Asian.

Most AF don’t want to admit that WMAF is overwhelmingly more dysfunctional than any other pairing, so rather than admit this, they will go on decade-long vendettas against AM, or in this case, AMXF, at the expense of everyone, including their sons.

Even Kelly Chong wrote that she had no idea what would happen to the children of WMAF given how explosive and unbalanced it was. And she was WMAF herself and able to understand what was happening with clarity. I think what happened was that Chong came in contact with other WMAF and it made her uncomfortable.

Even the Old God of WMAF, Amy Tan, didn’t have kids, because she knew the taxation on a potential son would be too much. You’re talking about the Queen of WMAF love stories that couldn’t bring herself to consummate the marriage.

Dozens of half Asian men went on TV and talked about the emasculation of Asian men. Nobody listened until now.