NY Post draws attention to NextShark article on Esther Ku’s hatred of Asian men. Alt-Right Hapa joins forces with so-called Asian Feminist in bitching about r/Hapas.

Above is an archived post.

Also, above is a cartoon illustration the bizarre unification of Asian feminists, who seek out marriage to white men for status, and as a way to integrate and escape their heritage and have “white” (note I didn’t say “whiter”) children, and white supremacists / alt-rightists who marry Asian women as a way to escape feminism and “anti-white” programs, as well as escape “mudsharks,” “multiculturalism,” and “liberals.”

If you look at the history of half-Asians, there is a unifying tendency towards white supremacist behavior, arrogance, and extreme insecurity in an attempt of Hapas to carry on their white father’s racist practices, as well as their mothers’ desire to “integrate and “be white.”

The ideal Eurasian is white in appearance (his mother’s wishes), and white in mentality (his father’s wishes).

The true extent of this dynamic is wholly unexplored other than by me, and a handful of other Hapas who choose to do the right thing when faced with the horror of having a racist white father and equally racist Asian mother. Many half-Asian men, in particular, view their white fathers as “victims of feminism,” and view their Asian mothers as “surrogate” white women who helped their white dads overcome feminism, multiculturalism, and other anti-white racism. Combined with their own self-hatred for their Asianness, which was learned from their mothers (who only praise their European features, while everyone else considers us Asian, which is bad), it is a disaster in the making.

If it weren’t for /r/hapas and halfAsian.org,

Nobody would know about:

  • Asian mothers’ racism against people and women of color
  • The extreme racism of white men who seek out Asian women
  • Nazis with Asian wives
  • Asian women encouraging kids to marry Asian or white only, especially when it comes to Eurasian sons marrying Asian, and Eurasian daughters marrying white
  • WMAF harassing AM for dating out, and harassing women who like Asian men
  • WMAF badmouthing AMWF to cover up for their own anger, racism, rage, dysfunction, and insecurity
  • WMAF hoping for daughters, over sons
  • Asian mothers in law harassing black / Latina women who marry their Asian / Eurasian sons.

This kind of thing has been going on for forty years.

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