Many half-Asians were raised with conservative white fathers who hated “white feminists” and wanted “traditional” Asian women as a way to feel a sense of control and masculine power. Asian women, in our fathers’ minds, are “traditional, family oriented, and chaste,” but most importantly, won’t sleep with black men.

The MAGA dream, but only achievable with the boycotting of American feminists, and replacing them with Asian women – who wanted to integrate and feel powerful and escape their features and their “negative” culture and appearance.

The problem with this is that many half-Asian men look and identify as Asian – which is bad.

Racism from white men emasculates Half-Asian men, and our mothers do too. Some of us even look Latino, Russian, even black, and are raised by conservative white fathers and self-hating Asian mothers. Keep in mind that being Asian is routinely mocked by society, especially if these features are on a man.

This has happened for 40 years. Really think about that. It’s apocalyptic in scale. Even Kelly Chong and Yowei Shaw saw this. Sharon Chong did too and were ringing the bells but nobody listened. And these people aren’t stopping. They have no intention of stopping.

All we can do is simply paint what is happening here.

The appeal of Asian women to racist white men is as such:

  • She won’t “divorce rape.”
  • She won’t cheat.
  • She won’t nag or criticize.
  • She won’t sleep with a black man or man of color.

Obviously, if she does any of these things, it oftentimes sets the man off, hence we so many aggressive white nationalists with Asian wives, driven into rage and anger by their wives’ nagging and infidelity.

Comments from Reddit.


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