Call this new genre what it really is: “Post Hapacalyptic Fiction.”

The WMAF dream is to replace Asian men with white men, and replace “feminist” white women with AF. “Mixed” people are just a wild card in this dream. That’s why Daniel Holtzclaw and Elliot Rodger became “toxic Asian men”, when they simply reacted to the insanity and massive imbalance of their own racist white father / self-hating Asian mother heritage, and the wild emasculation and invisibilty of Asian men in America. But Kristen Kreuk is AF.

Even in their “illustrations” of WMAF couples – drawn by westernized Asian girls on Tumblr and DeviantArt – they draw the sons as fully white, and the daughters as fully Asian. This explicitly reflects the desires of self-hating, cutthroat Asian women, who wish to wrest power from white women and successfully integrate, assimilate, and achieve high status, and white men, who hate Asian men and feminist white women, and do not attempt to hide their utter hatred for Asian men, and seek to demean and prevent Asian men and non-Asian women from getting together.

Ironically, many hapa men look like Asian men, and many hapa women look like “feminist” white women.

This was covered in the first year of /r/hapas. I’ve been trying to tell people the nightmare of /r/hapas was real, for a long, long, long time. There really is only so much that I can do.

If anything I’m a lot more lenient on WMAF than I should be. Especially since most Eurasians look like Asian men.

People imagine Eurasians all being “pretty boys” like Kai Braden. But even if you look like him and grow up with bad Nazi WMAF / in areas where little outlet and racism against you for being Asian, you will have severe mental problems – like Thomas Wagoner. The problem is that most Eurasians don’t look like him and just look Asian. Anyone who has seen Hapa men know that a large bulk of them look Asian and as average as their parents., but are driven into mental problems as a result of having an anti-feminist, alt-right father, and a white-supremacist Asian mother.

The expectation was for Hapas, for forty years – to look and identify as white, ignore racism against our Asian sides, or be “beautiful” enough to appear in popular media. Now, we’re actually being written out of popular media by our parents, and 40 years after the fact – Hapa men are completely excluded from the media, by the WMAF in power. This is two in a row now; “To All the Boys I Loved Before” completely wrote out Hapa men, replacing all Asian and half-Asian men with white men, and all white women with Asian women. In the case of Celeste Ng’s “Everything I Never Told You,” she replaced the reality of WMAF, with a fake account of an AMWF marriage.

When you write it down, it really just sounds as bad as it really is. But oftentimes the reality really is.

A few users on /r/hapas noted:


Wow. It might even be ironic that many Hapa men look more Asian, while HF look more white (and are harassed by their WMAF moms for being too fat).

Given how WMAF hate white women and Asian men…..

Hapa women are overrepresented versus hapa men, yes, so it’ll be even weirder when they pick full Asian actresses to play them.