Link to his articles.

Imagine being half-Chinese, but your father is writing biweekly articles about white genocide, immigration, supporting violent white misogynists, while you are being mocked for your Asian blood at school, at work, and made to feel ashamed of admitting you’re half Asian by the majority of Asian American and foreign born women, who desperately want to integrate and assimilate for “status” and “success,” and encourage their sons to identify as white, at all costs.

Oh, wait, that’s what I grew up with. I was born in the 80’s. This dynamic even predates me, apparently.

Oh, but we’re all so hot, I forgot about that. Let’s completely ignore the dynamic of how racist, repugnant white men view Asian women as “chaste, traditional, family oriented, honorable, clean Tiger Moms who won’t bang black guys,” and expect their half-Asian kids (who more often than not look Asian) to be normal.