Racist white men love Asian women because Asian women “submit” to white racist men and tell them how much they love and appreciate good, hard working white men, and not lowly black or Arab or Mexican dark skinned men, and don’t challenge his masculinity as a white man, like black men do.

Asian women are an “alternative” for white men unable to secure a white woman, and they rely heavily on Asian womens’ financial and social desperation and cultural inclination towards status and assimilation to form relationships; that doesn’t mean by any stretch of imagination that these men are not racist, but rather, there seems to have always been a long-standing correlation between racist white men and their “desire” for “submissive, traditional, family oriented” Asian women.

The entire “value” of Asian women is that they are an alternative for white men who are angry at white feminists and white women who marry and date black men and other men of color, and given that Asian culture does not value love in marriage, marriage to a Nazi or a holocaust denier (in my case), or a man who hates blacks, in this case, doesn’t conflict with her moral perogative.

Oftentimes, being with a cruel, derogatory, nagging, vicious Asian wife that doesn’t fulfill his sexual expectations drives these men to become even more racist and white supremacist – like Kyle Chapman; since the Asian wife was always a “back up plan” for his racist masculinity, he will be perpetually on the look out for other interracial couples that violate his racial hierarchies.

This has been happening for forty years. Who is going to pay the back tax on all the half-Asians who had to endure this but had no outlet to express themselves?