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Many Hapas grew up in white dominated spaces with racist, insecure, hateful, anti-progressive white fathers who brought their Asian mothers back from Asia; women who were desperate for a better life and social status among their peers and married men that they did not know were racist, or, they did, and frankly did not care, as entering a sexless marriage with a lower status white male with racist belief systems was still their most viable platform for integrating and assimilating and having “white” children to maintain higher status and escape the Asian cultural / physical ghetto.

For forty years, many half-Asians were asked by their Asian mothers to ignore racism against their Asian halves, pretend to be white, to assimilate, and ignore racism coming from their fathers – who married “traditional Asian women as a way to “take back power” from “threatening” white women, and to feel a sense of strength against liberalism, progress, black people, multiculturalism, and change, and even, unfortunately, against Asian men, who our fathers resented for being the only thing “beneath” them.

We are, and were, raised by the most racist, repugnant men on earth, men who took advantage of Asian self-hatred to form relationships knowing fully well that their whiteness was their benefit; a massive amount of non-Asian men who like Asian women are proudly, openly racist against others, simply as a result of insecurity and desire to have a “submissive” woman who won’t challenge him.

Many of us were severely bullied for being Asian, and subject to the same extreme racism that our fathers were desperate to protect, regardless of our “looks;” many of us were made, for decades, to feel “less” for being Asian, and as a result, tried to assimilate “upwards” into whiteness to match up to the expectations of our racist, anti-feminist white fathers. Obviously, this fails for many of us, since many of us look Asian, and if not, people still remind us that we are Asian, which is bad, to most people.

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What it says is that racist sexpats flee to Thailand after complaining about the immigration in Sweden… this is just another article that is the result of /r/hapas speaking on our own parents.

We knew this back in the 80’s… why’d you make us wait so long?

I really want to know, why was this covered up for so long? Nobody noticed this before, and nobody bothered to speak up for 40 years – especially since practically no half-Asian looks white?

This has been going on for forty years.

“Oh, but we’re all so good looking.”

Most of us are just normal people who look ethnic, or Asian, and faced racism for it, as well as completely broken homes with raging white fathers who took out their extreme racism on our mothers, who were entirely complicit in it and encouraged us to identify as white simply for the social benefit.