June 2018 Edit: it actually turned out that Mark’s wife, a mentally ill Asian woman, wrote the comments demanding for white supremacy and denying the holocaust; she was banned from campus. Like this makes it any better. It probably just makes it even worse.

Relevant /r/hapas thread.

In either case it was either:

  • Mark saying those things
  • or his Asian wife saying those things

Pick which one is worse for biracial kids

Protip: they’re fucked either way

What else is new? Half Asian children can be very high risk, due to being raised by extreme racists and rejected, unattractive men who even hate Asians – yet rely on Asian women as a way to validate their existential crises in the face of global change.

Racist, rejected, anti-social white men (who are generally lonely and socially rejected and whereby blame “Jewish influence” or modernism) heavily rely on self-hating Asian women as a way to prove their superiority over “modernism” and “change;” being unable to control “degenerate” society and hoping for White women to ensure White supremacy, these same racist white men deliberately target Asian women, who they view as “supportive” of white supremacy due to their “traditional, non-slutty values.”

White men that are rejected by white women (for physical or emotional or social defects) – who they view as “race traitors” to a white ethnostate in which white men are valued and respected – use Asian women, who they view as chaste, traditional, family-oriented women that appreciate a good white man – despite his racist beliefs, or in fact, in full support.

Essentially, white women don’t like ugly white men, ugly white men feel wronged and become racist to make up for their ugliness, and go after Asian women as a way to find a relationship, because Asian women generally hate people of color and want white men, in order to feel accepted and “powerful.”

These same Asian women, being insecure in themselves due to the fact that they are still stereotyped and fetishized for the wrong reasons, and insecure that they can only get creepy white men, make a concerted effort to attack Asian males, including Eurasian men who look “too Asian.”

White men that are unattractive oftentimes use their whiteness as “proof” of their superiority despite being rejected or ostracized for social or physical problems, meaning that unattractive white men who fetishize Asian women – and racist white men, are one and the same.

These same men go on to raise Half Asian children that look predominantly Asian, yet have White fathers that hate Asians and people of color – and an Asian mother that resents that her children look too Asian.

Him and his wife.

The article exposing him as a hardcore white supremacist.

Second article about him.

His comments:


I’ve said it time and time again, white supremacist men love Asian women because Asian women make them feel “big” against the tide of feminist and liberalism; a large stipulation of White supremacy and White Nationalism is that white women are “race traitors” who have sold out the country – or countries. These same unattractive white guys can’t get white women, and feel angry that white women reject them, so they chase down poor, foreign born Asian women who don’t know any better and desperately want to integrate and prove that they are assimilated, while using their Asian wives as validation for white supremacy – in other words, “I can’t be racist, because my wife is Asian.”

If you, as a white supremacist, had to choose between being an unattractive, isolated white supremacist whose beliefs make him even more unattractive – and finding an asexual, self-hating Asian woman desperate for integration and to escape her Asianness, then what would you pick?

Now, there are hundreds of half Asian children being raised by white supremacist fathers who feel angered at “anti-white discorse,” or “anti-white genocide,” that are married to Asian women who “appreciate white civilization,” and these same children will eventually go on to be deeply troubled – since White men that are into these political views have a tendency towards violence, anti-social behavior and agression towards what they view as anything that undermines their privilege.