Cesar Sayoc represents another white-supremacist of mixed Asian heritage who develops his Nazi belief systems due to his Asian parent encouraging assimilation and avoidance of his “abnormal” Asian side, as well as his gross insecurity about being “almost white,” but not quite; and since Asian appearances are still, to this day, wildly unaccepted and othered, it drives many half-Asians into further mania. Remember usually the most virulent white supremacists (like Holtzclaw, and Zimmerman) are those that aren’t completely white, because they’re compensating.

Cesar Sayoc, the man in the news for sending mail bombs to several liberal media outlets, is yet another strange case of a half-Asian who develops extremely right wing, pro-white politics as a way to compensate for both his insecurity about his non-white, Asian heritage – as well as his desire to “assimilate” into what he views as a superior culture.

This is something found predominantly among Asian people, who, unlike other POC, work tirelessly to “assimilate” into western cultures in order to obtain the benefits of whiteness, white privilege, and obtain a “pragmatic” method of becoming part of the host country, and avoiding and demeaning their own Asian culture, which they fear as being perpetually othering.

Asian people are unique in wanting badly to “assimilate” rather than remain proud of their culture, oftentimes marrying white people for only one purpose: to have “white” babies that are able to obtain the same level of power than whites are, without having to be lumped in with other “ugly” Asian people, given that many, many Asian people view their faces as “ugly,” due to lack of certain “prominent” features.

In other words, Asian men and women oftentimes are extreme white supremacists, even moreso than white people are.

This has been seen in Daniel Holtzclaw, Elliot Rodger, and now Cesar Sayoc. This is a real phenomenon, with biracial Asian people becoming even more white-supremacist than white people are to live up to the expectations of their Asian fathers / mothers, who encourage them to “assimilate,” and also to stamp out their own insecurity with looking visibly “non-white”, like Sayoc does, since his appearance tends more to Latino, or even Asian – which are both low-status ethnicities in the US, and subject him to gross insecurity.

Since Asian features are incredibly strong, yet self hating Asian men and women believe that simply because Asian people have “white skin” and are “well behaved,” that they can marry white men and women with the intention of having “white passing” children; it has been shown that this insecurity oftentimes manifests in white supremacist men marrying Asian women, only for the benefit that Asian women are more white supremacist than white women are. In this case, the father was a clear white supremacist and influence on Soyec.

The foundational element of Hapa psychosis is extreme proximity to whiteness, an Asian parent who demeans Asianness and encourages assimilation, (sometimes) a white supremacist white parent, an insecurity with being “discovered” for his / her Asianness (since Asianness is something to be mocked), and a profound desire to be entirely white, rather than “off white” (which in this case, is diluted, in our minds, with the “worst” race, which is Asian).

Soyec explicitly talks about how his father encouraged him to “Americanize,” something extremely common among self-hating Asians who hate their own features and wish for white babies – but since none of us actually look “white,” many of us are driven into compensating for this. Even though Soyec doesn’t look entirely Asian, he looked “Asian enough” to fear that people would discover it and mock him for it – hence his insanity.

From his LinkedIn profile.

“Career decision of becoming a Horse Doctor was always a love for animals, which were here first and never do anything to anyone. And respect all living things. My family very sound Sayoc name in Medical field Grandfather Col. Baltazar Zook Sayoc that perfect the conversion oriental eye to Americanize. The first plastic surgeon to be observed by 8 million people in NY city Hospital. He over through Communist Philippines liberated island. He built all hospitals in Philippines islands and sets standards highest level. Most surgeon use his instruments which are patented. And a lot surgeon use today. Also Sayoc intl. schools marshals arts Kali that used to over throw communist party . Also one 5 Hero’s disciplinary my mother Madeline Sayoc Giardiello First president Pharmacy Cosmetic Association, Who Who Business Women of Year, Soul buyer consultant for Home Shopping Network, head number 1 marketing consul in World Aventura Marketing consul, up for city counsel women Aventura,”

From CNN:

Sayoc dislikes gay people, African-Americans, Jews, and anybody who isn’t white, she said. They don’t belong in the world, she recalled him saying to her frequently.”


He was also open with a former boss, who says Sayoc called himself a white supremacist. Debra Gureghian said Sayoc told her that lesbians like her and other minorities should be put on an island. And though he liked her, she would be the first person he would burn, Gureghian recalled.

Special thanks to my African American friend /u/ToxicAMWF who helped me make this link.