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Despite racist white creeps / Asian female couples based on hate claiming that half-Asians are successful (just because that’s what they have to do in order to justify it going only one way, and hoping that we half-Asians don’t notice),

nearly all (yes, all) half-Asians of any major, real world success and prominance in western culture have Asian fathers, repeatedly popping up in mainstream media, despite AMWF couples existing in the real world.

There has, 50 years after the first WMAF fetish-couples became common, been no proof that the children of Asian men / non-Asian women, are NOT in fact the ones who are successful, happy, and beautiful.

Hateful, racist, low-status white man / low-status Asian woman, low-effort, convenience couples based on nothing other than racial status, money, vendettas, social-climbing, and desperation (i.e., the status-climbing Asian woman is a backup plan for a racist, rejected, nerdy man’s masculinity crisis) – fail continuously to produce children who are able to adapt and function, given the fetishistic, lazy, hateful, racist nature of WMAF couples.

In other words, most WMAF couples involve a rejected, horribly ugly, racist white man and a miserable, perpetually angry, social-climber, nihilistic Tiger mom, an Asian woman who hates herself and her own low social status to the extent that a rejected, racist white man is a viable option.

Most WMAF couples are composed of a racist, angry, unattractive, rejected, vengeful white man who hates Asian men and white women – and a self-hating, bitter, vicious, cutthroat, loudmouthed, mentally ill, depressed, Asian tiger mom who encourages racism against Asians, and badmouths Asian men – while raising an Asian looking son. This causes half-Asians with white fathers to universally wind up failures, since the damage is usually done in the first five years of our lives.

The reason – usually it’s just looks, since Asian women have a cultural “fetish” for the white men that white women reject. Usually it’s because Asian women are culturally averse to normal, loving, sexual relationships, and are paranoid of being cheated on, as well as thirsty for social status over genuine love – a cultural trait – and marry ugly, rejected, racist, Aspberger-having white men as a way to feel social status without having to have sex with him, and whereby feel guilty.

Asian women are notoriously asexual, and view sex as merely a means to an end.

Asian culture is cutthroat, nihilistic and obsessed with status, wherein a loveless marriage to an ugly, bald, old, racist, anti-feminist, alt-right white man is considered a high-status relationship. Add to this that our white-supremacist Asian Tiger Mothers try to weaponize their children for status, while, at the same time, belittling us for our Asian features, fully supporting a racist white man’s behavior, and making us feel terrible about ourselves in typical Asian-mother-parenting – and most half-Asians with white fathers / Asian mothers wind up mentally ill and worthless. Add to this a healthy dose of racism from pretty much EVERYONE, when our Asian moms bring us back to the good old West, where she longed to live out her fairy tale life of being a replacement white woman in a white country.

For an Asian male to get a white woman – he has to be handsome and well put together, and since Asian men have some of the most masculine facial features and look better on average than white men are (like most ethnic men) – it’s easier to produce better looking children (as opposed to ugly, bald, old white men and mentally / physically unhealthy, small-framed Asian women, that white men are unable to distinguish from actually beautiful women, given their fetishization and desperation);

adding to the fact that usually, Asian man / white woman couples tend to be better looking, instead of wildly imbalanced (ugly, bald, old white man + small, unattractive Asian woman), since Asian men – who look better on average – sex select the most attractive Asian and non-Asian women. (I.e., women with the most open minded personalities, and kindest and most beautiful personalities – which reflect on their faces).

Asian women sex-select ugly, anti-feminist, racist white men who hate Asians, producing uglier children with more mental problems (which is probably the biggest factor, since our mothers encourage racism against Asians, by supporting an ugly, antisocial, racist white man, and raise us in loveless homes filled with fighting between the loser father and the hateful, racist, loveless, pragmatist Asian mother).

Oh, do you think it’s racist of me to say this?

Let me use the excuse WMAF couples always use.

I’m not racist, my mother is Asian!

I’ve been doxxed years ago. Hold me accountable for my words – but oh, you won’t, because you will never come after a half-Asian guy who so unabashedly spills the truth.