Self explanatory. Chinese / Asian people view sex as a means to an end, love, as non-existent.

Many Asian women are extremely insecure, embarrassed by their appearance and hence asexual, and marry unattractive, antisocial white men merely for social benefit, having no attraction to these same men, and using them specifically for the fact that these same “beta”, lower status men, do not demand sex, but provide them with social status, and the feeling of being “accepted” into western civilization. These same white men – like John Derbyshire – marry Asian women with the belief that they are “good, traditional, submissive,” and won’t sleep with black men and challenge that white man’s belief in his innate superiority and entitlement. Their wives’ low libido makes these men secure in the fact that their wives won’t challenge them sexually by lusting after men of color.

Asians, in this regard, are completely unique, in that they will disregard all common decency (including the welfare of their hapa children), for the sake of marriage to unattractive white men.

After getting married (or before) they just sink into a deep depression, living in a foreign country with some anti-social white or non-Asian male, with not many friends (due to people disliking their in-built racism and antagonistic, cringey, fetishistic appearance and behavior); add to the fact that they married for the wrong reasons, and the overwhelming majority of WMAF couples are miserable (compare them to AMWF or AMAF couples, which are universally happier, and act like it, especially in public).

Many of these white men in relationships with Asian, and Chinese, women, become more and more aggressive due to lack of sex, and resent the Chinese wife, taking out his anger on Chinese men, even those in relationships with the true prize – white women. Oftentimes the dead bedroom leads to more and more extremist behavior, where the white man will enact his power fantasies of white supremacy and Naziism (like my father did), to cover up for his emasculation by his Asian wife, and to compensate for his cognitive dissonace of being a white supremacist with an Asian wife. Many non Asian men with Asian wives, due to being frustrated with their sexless marriage to their last choice, and constantly needing to prove their power and leverage against white women, take out their anger on asian men – despite raising Asian sons.

Meanwhile, Asian men tend to attract the most sane and beautiful women, both Asian and non-Asian, which causes entitled, racist white sexpats and yellow-feverists to go into a further violent rage. Add to the fact – like in this case, the white father berates the uncaring, asexual, green-card-chasing Asian wife in front of the Asian looking child. This dynamic is very common among WMAF couples, which, unlike other couples, are rooted in negativity, racism, fighting, and mental illness – and ignore the trauma on the half-Asian child, who is forced to identify as Asian in a society that already hates us. Add to this the topping of growing up in violent, abusive households with a broken, plotting robotic relationship between our parents – and most half-Asians with White fathers are entirely dysfunctional.

Having expected a traditional, anti-feminist, anti-multicultural, family oriented sex-doll to replace white women, it angers a racist white man (and more often than not, his wife) that Asian men get far more beautiful women and enjoy healthy sex lives with the white man’s first prize – the white woman. Meanwhile, under her control, her constant berating, and her lack of sex, it drives a previously mildly racist man completely over the edge.

He’ll take his anger out on Asian men, who he hates as being the only thing lower on the totem pole than he is – and ironically, since he is so low on the totem pole, Asian women truly are his last resort.

Oh well. I’m not policing people. Only pointing out the nightmare you yourselves created and ignored.

I’m gonna be honest… we half-Asian men want revenge, and we’ll get it by embarassing you – no matter how long it takes. How long are you prepared to wait before apologizing? Five years? Ten years? Twenty years? When your children are still young and will find me deeply ingrained in every aspect of being half-Asian? I own all the domain names, have monopolized all discussion. So when?