From an anti-racist’s Twitter account.

“During the incident, the story goes, there were four Nazis in a Jeep. They shouted some Hitler nonsense, there was some shouting back, three got out, one fired a shot.”

The fourth suspect was a half Asian named Maverick (yeah, his real name, following the trend of WMAF narcissists giving their Hapa saviors-of-the-west weird names) Mears.

It’s fairly normal for racist white men to marry Asian women, expecting them to be submissive, white skinned, quiet, and not willing to sleep with black men, like white women. These same sexually desperate white men try to use Asian women as a back up plan for their lack of purpose and lack of meaning and power in the west, when threatened by black / Latino / Arab men.

This has been going on for decades, and now the fully grown half-Asian children are running rampant, deluded by their Nazi fathers and self-hating, white worshipping Asian mothers – into thinking that they are white, and even worse, desperate to prove it. Worse that many suffer from the anti-Asian stigma in the west and are desperate to prove their masculinity.