Unfortunately, many Asian Tiger Moms believe that marriage to a white man means that she will create blue eyed Aryan white babies that will help her attain white privilege for an easier life. Since Asian women are completely averse to the idea of “true love,” given their cold way of looking at the world – it’s not surprising that they try to weaponize us, their half-Asian sons, and work all around trying to feel powerful and classy with a racist, anti feminist, loser white husband or boyfriend, ignoring the fact that half Asian men look pretty damn Asian and suffer for it.

Instead you have groups of WMAF that are only friends with other WMAF who go around comparing whose baby looks the least Asian (spoiler: they all fail this game, since we all look Asian).

Unfortunately, most Hapa / Half Asian men look entirely Asian, especially with the first child coming from an Asian womb. Even looking a little bit Asian is too much, not just according to our moms – but to society as well. But Asian women are a GREAT substitute for those nasty white women who love black guys, because it makes white men feel in charge and handsome with a white skinned girl (except her face is just a little bit off).

I have seen Asian mothers praise their whiter looking child, while demeaning the Asian looking child.

However, since black women are the most open to Asian-looking men, many Half Asian men wind up marrying black women – whereby destroying any hint of white privilege in their children, and giving our hateful, racist Asian mothers black grandchildren who represent everything our mothers hated.

I’ve been doxxed years ago. Hold me accountable for my words – but oh, you won’t, because you will never come after a half-Asian guy who so unabashedly spills the truth. Despite me being completely out there as EurasianTiger I have faced ZERO consequences because you won’t come after me.

But every day you ignore me, is another day I seep into the fabric of public consciousness, spilling your disgusting racism all over the web. I will hunt you down, doxx you, and burn down the web while you live your racist little lives thinking that I won’t make you pay for the same pain of racism that you not only ignore – but contribute to.

All Hapas have to do is permanently embarass all of you on a global scale, thanks to the internet, and we are willing and ready to do that. We already have, since you asshole “couples” can’t stop looking at me in public.