I write this as a Eurasian that could probably, if I wanted to, turn my back on this, and pass as white – as my Asian family has told me to, and I did attempt this, but failed.

I went through a Neo-Nazi stage, because, frankly, my father was a Nazi, with a Chinese wife. The Chinese women in my family were and are openly pro-white.

Instead, I’m now just warning people about a dynamic you should have noticed decades ago. Elliot Rodger and Daniel Holtzclaw were just the beginning; the new generation of Asians will have racist, loser white dads, and vicious Asian Tiger Moms.

They cannot be reasoned with, and will stop at nothing to obtain a “white” lifestyle; it is a combination of fierce, pragmatic Asian Tiger parenting, and white male supremacy and privilege – a deadly, deadly combination when considering that their children never look white.

So instead, I am writing everyone to tell them that they should instead be extremely worried.

Half Chinese / half-Asian Eric Bloss.
Half Chinese / half-Asian Eric Bloss., born from a Chinese mother and a White father. He looks far too Asian – something that his parents probably did not predict, as many WMAF couples are convinced that “cute” Hapa babies do not grow into children who have to bear the fallout of extreme racism against Asian men.

To this day, I do not know how to be part-Asian.

But I will express below many of the problems with being half-Asian, and looking like an Asian person, despite having a “typical” racist white father and even more racist Asian mother in a “typical” broken relationship, yet having been discriminated against, for being an “Asian guy.”

To this day, I am subject with the pain of being treated as far too “ethnic looking” to be accepted as white by both whites, as well as Asian people – including Asian women who ironically strongly favor white men in order to integrate and for social status. This has been occuring for forty to fifty years now.

Myself, and many half-Asians, are mocked and attacked for being Asian men – including by Asian women themselves, who see us in passing, on Youtube, on TV. Many if not all of us have white fathers. Half-Asians are raised to identify as white, and superior – but most, if not all of us, are identified as Asian by society, which, no thanks in part due to Asians themselves – is seen as horrible, and a joke.

People claim that sexual racism is not racism – but what we are talking about here is the encouragement of extreme marginalization of half-Asian men by men and women who are using sex as an expression of implicit power. Asians are being used, almost exclusively as a weapon against people of color and progress, as an example of non-white people that can “integrate the correct way;” i.e., Asian women marry white men for social status and to “westernize”, going above and beyond in their attempt to feel integrated, regardless of the quality of the male involved.

White and non-Asian men, who fear being “incels” who are kicked out of society by feminism – pursue Asian women as their last resort to feel powerful; hence, “I’m not racist, my wife is Asian.”

Remember – when threatened with loss of power, men will do everything and anything to maintain leverage, including expressing leverage over Asians; and many, many Asian women are desperate for a chance to feel as beautiful as white women and obtain high status in their host countries.

Hopefully by publishing what I see to be sociological trends, before I am too old to forget and have entirely assimilated back into Asia, I can help other POC to understand Asian culture better – and the racist White-male obsession with it.

Society taught me to be openly white supremacist, and to deny I was Asian, for social benefit; I joined Neo-Nazi groups, lost many friends, attacked many people, out of an attempt to feel white, and desirable. This was a result of the influence of my extremely racist white father, and Asian mother, who married and supported him in an attempt to integrate.

I am not talking, in this case, about “happy Hapas” who pimp themselves out to Asians (Henry Goulding), but half-Asians who do time in the trenches of White America. I am not talking about half-Asian girls, unfortunately, who are valued by the same white supremacist structure as their full counterparts. I am not talking about half Asians who seek to just “do their part” and be a model minority.

Being Asian or part Asian, people at large feel they have the right to openly insult you or give back handed compliments towards you. Examples of this include: “you look more Asian when you wear glasses, EurasianTiger.” “I don’t date Asian guys,” is something very common for Eurasian men to hear. Harassment against Asian looking men is extremely intense – and comes from not only white men who use Asian women as a backup plan for their masculinity, but from Asian women themselves.

Many of us hear this from Asian women, themselves. Many half-Asian men are mocked by non-Asian men who like Asian women (usually as a last resort for their masculinity crisis), for being Asian looking. Many half-Asian men are raised by openly racist men who “use” Asian women to feel big, and powerful against “feminist” women of other races – and hate Asian men – despite raising Asian sons.

There is a very real, very strange phenomenon of racist, entitled, privileged white men who rely on Asian women as a “submissive, family oriented” alternative to white women, who they view as a “threat” to white masculinity. Nine out of ten times – when a non-Asian man says he “prefers” Asian women, he is an open or casual racist who hates both white women, black men, and Asian men; yet he raises an Asian son. This has gone on for a long, long time – and Daniel Holtzclaw were among the fallout from “cute hapa babies” growing up into men who had internalized their force-fed white supremacist ideals of their parents.

As long as Asian people are so self-hating and hateful of their own culture and physical features, so incredibly passive as to accept racism to “save face” and to “survive,” that marrying an unattractive, racist, white supremacist man, and living in a horrible, backwards, racist, impoverished white country is a better option than marrying another Asian – half-Asians will always reflect this heritage. Half-Asians will be the new “whites”, and will be raised by their mothers and fathers to take over the reigns of inequality, encouraged to “be thankful” for their “privilege,” and be “just as good as whites.” Even though this is frankly impossible.

Arguably, I think it can be said that half-Asian men suffer far more than half-Asian women, due to conflicting stereotypes. It’s been long suspected among half-Asians that our parents hope for female children, along with hoping that the child does not look discernably Asian. Both of these are common threads about self-hating Asian mothers.

Being “Eurasian” is mostly just a way to brag about not being fully Asian – but more importantly, “almost white.” No other mixed-race group does this; only Eurasians brag about being mixed race, while everyone else is normal. No other mixed race group has the loud arrogance about superiority, despite having nothing to show for it; we are outperformed by half-blacks, who are the mortal enemy of our racist white dads. Despite white men / Asian women couples being so common, we are still outnumbered in the media and in success levels by the biracial children of black men and white women – who themselves represent a defiance of white male masculinity and patriarchy.

President Obama – the son of a black man and a white woman, became, well, president. Mitch McConnell and his Asian wife staunchly support President Trump’s anti-immigration policies, despite having a son who looks completely Asian.

We are even outnumbered in every country we exist in, including Asia, by the children of white and non-Asian mothers, due to an almost inexplicable factor of better quality pairings. Sydney Park, Mike Sui, Zach King, etc. This is undeniable fact as in ten years of study it was even found that 93% of all pro-athletes of mixed-Asian heritage had Asian fathers; and being a pro-athlete requires a physical and mental fitness that WMAF couples are not meeting.

Many Asians feel their faces are “abnormal” so they just want “non-Asian” faces; i.e., faces with stronger definition, less puffiness, more refinement and smaller bones, better skin color, and smoother, lighter hair that does not subject them to racist bullying and open insults. If you look too Asian, too “ethnic,” as a half-Asian, you have no use. Your “surrogate” parents – racist Asian women, and white supremacist men, hate you, by default. Once again, I am not talking about random Hapa celebrities; I am talking about the average Half-Asian male.

The idealized Eurasian looks “white.” That’s it. The ideal is just, mostly, a “white” woman or man, who can say “I’m half-Asian,” as a conversation starter for jokes (see: Jon Hamilton, the infamous self-hating Eurasian Trump supporter from Bachelor fame). But since that’s generally impossible – half-Asians are a complete wild-card.

The Eurasian is a “close approximation” of a white person (according to our mothers’ wishes), with a white mentality (according to our right-wing fathers’ wishes).

Failing that – it is impossible to know how this assimilation pattern will result, given the growing extremism of racism against Asians, which will force self-hating Asians and half-Asians to even further extremes.

Being an Asian person is bad – and being non-Asian in appearance is good. I did not say this; Asian women say this, and white men who like Asian women say this. We are talking about the most openly racist Asian women – and the men who choose them; who in turn, are extremely, openly racist, because the only person more white supremacist than a white supremacist are in fact some Asian women, and as a result – any man who chooses such a racist woman, is in fact a racist, and the worst kind; a hypocritical and manipulative one.

Happy Hapas are just non-Asian passing, just like their cutthroat Tiger mothers wanted – to not be Asian, like themselves. Be white, escape the Asian curse. This curse is, unfortunately, belonging to the only race on the planet that is openly mocked, suffers from open and excruciatingly unapologetic racism, disrespected, and treated as “abnormal” (with deep eyes and Caucasian skulls being “normal”); many Asian women view themselves as “less attractive” given their facial shape and bodies, but  more importantly, view Asian culture as being “less” and “othering,” and seek to pursue “high status” lifestyles with white men, and replace white women at the “top” of the hierarchy.

Asian women are so famously self-hating, that by definition, any man who would pursue them, is probably a man looking to maximize on not being Asian. People do not understand what our mothers say to us, or the behavior of our fathers – because WMAF couples oftentimes exist on the exterior of social circles, beyond the watchful eyes of people who care about social standing and proper conduct and have no understanding of Asian culture. Their children are being born by the millions and subject to extreme racism both within and outside of the home – and the fastest way to nihilism and destructive behavior is for there to be a betrayal of trust from ones parents.

When you have a racist, anti-black, anti-feminist, anti-social, anti-Asian, MRA, sexpat white father (John Derbyshire, Kyle Chapman, Chuck C. Johnson), and a racist, pragmatic, cruel, white-supremacist and status hungry Asian Tiger Mother, who wants “white” babies in order to integrate, and openly hates and demeans Asian people as a way to ingratiate herself to the powered class, this makes the situation even worse. Sometimes, rarely, the situation can be reversed with an Asian father.

However, given the behavior of self-loathing, racist, anti-black, maniacal, loveless, asexual, violent, repressive, pathologically abusive Asian Tiger Mothers, who have utter and completely dominant control over the household, their husbands, and their children, and seek to micromanage their childrens’ behavior and dating patterns (e.g., hapa men are to date Asian women, hapa women to date white, and never to date black, Latino, Arab, or even Asian), it often creates extreme neuroticism and paranoia in half-Asian children, who inherit their fathers’ poor social skills, as well as their mothers’ self hatred and mental illness – given that many Asian women suffer from mental illness related to their self-hatred, as well their inability to fit in, feel beautiful, or conform to cultural nuances – like love. It is extremely common for us to face high levels of violence from our mothers, and violence between the racist white father and the Asian mother.

Half-Asian children are then encouraged to “be beautiful,” rather than learning fundamental life skills that are normal to other groups. Add to the fact that Asian women and White men love mocking Asian men and non-Asian women, out of egotism and racial-low-self-esteem, there has been a proven effect on the tendencies and outcome of the children (with Half Asians with Asian fathers being universally more kind, outperforming, and loving overall, and vastly outperforming the children of Asian women and white men; .e.g., 90- 93% of all half-Asian professional athletes have Asian fathers).

Many self-haters are completely aware that AMWF relationships (and AM + other women) are more healthy, much less fetishistic, and more rooted in genuine progress, so WMAF couples, out of self-loathing and perpetual unhappiness, seek to prevent them and mock them; Celeste Ng being a prime example of someone who wrote a book based on the abusive Tiger Mothers and failure children from among WMAF (children who resent their mothers’ aggressive and domineering, cutthroat behavior) – and blaming it on AMWF. Elliot Rodger, the most famous half-Chinese person of all time who was raised by an Asian mother who allowed him to dye his hair blonde – explicitly targeted Asian male / white female couples, similar to how WMAF couples attack AMWF out of anger and jealousy.

It is very common for white men with Asian partners to consistently demean and attack both Asian men and white women – out of anger and aggression resulting from their insecurities. The cognitive dissonance of being a racist white man, with an Asian wife, drives them to even further extremes (some winding up like Kyle Chapman and Stephen Paddock).

If you fail to be beautiful (the most common outcome, given that most of our fathers are ugly), if you look too “ethnic,” or too “Asian,” half-Asians will be tormented by your white supremacist parents, and treated poorly by other Asians, and mocked by whites. Since the overwhelming majority of half-Asians simply look Asian, and normal, and in many cases, even uglier than the full-Asians – we are still subject to extreme racism, with the added benefit of having racist fathers.

Also, these are not “normal” Tiger Moms. These are the Alpha Tiger Moms, the ones that marry for race and status, which is doubly traumatic. It’s the Tiger Mom on steroids, extremely Machiavellian, cruel, sadistic, and conniving people who will stop at nothing to achieve “success”. These are also some of the most vile, repugnant white men on the planet who go for Asian women as a way to express white power against feminism, multiculturalism, and Asian men, without having to find a white woman, who will challenge them.

Half Asians as a result develop tremendous egos and racism to compensate for insecurity (Elliot Rodger), mental illness (Amanda Rosenberg), low-self esteem (Kelly B), and white supremacist / pro-white tendencies (Daniel Holtzclaw, Marcus Epstein, Joey Gibson, James Allsup, Roaming Millenial), or bizarre psychosexual confusion (many half-Asian men transitioning to women and vice versa), to compensate with their hatred of their Asianness, and their parents’ implicit white supremacy. Half Asians are extremely arrogant, racist, overcompensating, and severely lacking in success in all walks of life, (other than talking about their success in Asia), compared, even to half-blacks, who many half-Asians hate, because of their fathers’ hatred of ‘mudsharks.’ Narcissistic, racist, entitled and privileged white fathers join with their status obsessed Tiger wives in pimping out Eurasians as a way to express superiority over women, blacks, Latinos, Asians, and Arabs. Half Asian men, in particular, limit themselves to Asia, where they pimp themselves out to Asian women, who primarily view half-Asians as an “upgrades,” as long as we don’t look “too Asian.”

We are, by and large, the only mixed race group raised by de facto white supremacists, in a society that hates our heritage, unless that heritage belongs to a sexual object designed to please insecure, racist non-Asian men, who need “revenge” on “feminist” non-Asian women, by lording their “power” over Asian men and non-Asian women. Add to this fact that at least half of us look more Asian – and this spells disaster.


This has been going on for 40 years. 40 years ago, AF with WM husbands raising half Asian children did nothing to help their own children. They continue to do nothing. The majority of half-Asians that have contributed to world progress (Obama’s half-sister, for example), have Asian fathers. Talk all you want about AMWF worship. The dynamic is different. Rather than dally any longer I think it’s important that non-Asian POC understand exactly what happened, and is continuing to happen.

I am not talking about the Half-Asians who manage to “thrive” in Asia, where they are able to act out their thinly-veiled colonial fantasies without being consistently reminded of being Asian, like in the west. I am talking about half-Asians that are born in the west, and have to do the time in the west, and suffer from racism in the west. I am not talking about 36 year old permavirgin Hapas who swear up and down that white men are the bee’s knees, in between bouts of Fox News.

If so called “progressive” society wants to firmly, permanently dismantle white supremacy and bring about the world that we all dream of – I would highly suggest looking into this – what I call white supremacy’s unique “Asian connection”.

Otherwise, you’re a monumental fool passing up on one of the greatest sociological phenomenons of all time, a literal Trojan horse sitting in your front yard for 40 years. These people are NOT progressive. They are NOT interested in a better world, but a more cutthroat one, based on power, white supremacy, and incorporating East Asian mentalities towards life (status, money, power) into an already extremely racist, extremely unequal capitalist white society. It’s the merging of white male supremacy and Asian female nihilistic desire for status and integration, as well as half-Asian complicitness in racism.

It is the shifting of white male power into the arms of Asian women, who themselves seek out social dominance and high status at all costs, regardless if the men they are taking are the worst, most violent, most hateful men on the planet.

Their children, as I have said many times, are going to be extremely dangerous: driven by their self-hatred and desperation to prove that their parents were just as good as the real thing, yet relegated to the bottom of the sexual totem pole; lower than the lowest white men, who in turn, were better than the best Asian men.