For an Asian guy to get a white / non-Asian woman he generally has to be mentally fit, physically sound, with incredibly mental endurance for the harassment and being made to feel less for his race; but for a white man to get an Asian woman he merely needs to be white – even the kind of white man that white women reject. You do the math.  The reason why AMWF works much better is because white women are sex selecting according to sexual needs as well as harder edged attitudes required to survive in non-artificial non-capitalist societies (normal survival scenariors).
WMAF is artificial, based around capitalist needs, based around atypical non-sexual situations where social status overrides survival tendencies. In fact Asian women cannot even be said to be “sex selecting” because there’s no sex involved. In communist and socialist countries, where culture is genuine and stronger, and there is a much stronger social safety net and this gives way to genuine culture and honesty and kindness, women sex select according to looks, which explains why Russian women pick Asian males.  Once you see that Asian faces are better than white faces, you can’t really unsee it. Once you realize, that the collapse of western civilization, and the antagonism of the white woman, is due to her lack of attraction to white men, and white men trying to artificially promote themselves to women, so they can overlook their ugly faces / coloring, you will understand the history of the world. From colonialism to the present.



Asian women seem to know this – but avoid the elephant in the room, probably because it’s incredibly painful to admit that the only men you can attract are not the best. After forty years of wildly unbalanced dating – it seems that the Eurasians with Asian paternal parentage have proven themselves to be more socially well adjusted, and ironically, as a result – more attractive. Keanu Reeves, Dean Cain, Angelababy, and Bruce Lee – four extremely well known Eurasians (probably the four of the most famous of all time), all had an Asian father or grandfather (oftentimes both).

I have been proven to really be Eurasian with a white father and Asian mother and I am simply trying to come to terms now, with my heritage, and am posting many studies and findings on this website for the sake of posterity.

The most important finding I have found from studying this subject for almost ten years – is that the most important factor in creating a functioning human being, is marrying for true love and a bare minimum in terms of looks, and marrying for genuine compatability – not for artificial status reasons. In watching millions of people, couples, and reading over millions of words, it just seems to me that the women who marry Asian men genuinely love them – for good reason; the Asian men that marry out tend to be very attractive, composed, and handsome, while the women who marry out tend to be self-hating, racist, and unattractive both inside and out.

For an Asian male to attract a non-Asian woman, he generally has to be among the top / decent quality found among Asians – meaning having a good face, tall, attractive, good composure, good mentality, and over good looks and health, rather than simply being white.

For a white guy to marry an Asian woman, there is virtually no qualification physically, and mentally, there seems to be an extreme negativity found among WMAF couples. In built racism against Asian looking people – which is inherited by the children by a racist white father and an even more racist Asian mother who pushes her children to identify as white and mocks Asians, attacks her child’s Asian features, and weaponizes her own child in her quest for social standing.

Asian women have demonstrated repeatedly that they frankly only care about one qualification – that a man is white, due to perceived status, and since Asian women marry primarily for social status, not for love, they ignore that the white man they are marrying are indeed the rejected, ugly, racists that fetishize Asian women. It would seem that WMAF couples primarily are dysgenic, while AMAF, and AMWF couples tend to be the same “eugenic” pairing that WMAF mothers hoped for – unsurprising, because Asians tend to be better looking than whites (softer features, black hair, good harmony, more robust, healthy, proportioned facial features, rounded jaws, and hunter eyes), and marriage to a white male simply because he is white is often a step down, yet self-hatred among Asians, as a result of antagonism and othering from ugly white people, causes Asians to think that a white person is better than an Asian person – even a better looking one.

Arguably, for example, Asian men are much more handsome than white men, due to more “masculine” features (horizontal eyes, wide faces, strong bones), while white men have aggressively pointy, jarring features, high rates of balding, and many mental issues, as well as categorically failing countries filled with dearth of genuine culture, extreme racism, and crumbling infrastructure.

Also – when the father is Asian, he usually meets the baseline for what is an attractive male, and yet he will generally marry into specific groups of women that are attractive (Russian and Eastern European women, or African women, or Latin American women – generally regarded as the most attractive in the world) – whereas Asian women will marry German, and Anglo men – arguably the least attractive men, due to physically unappealing features, such as pointy, garish noses, balding, and overall ugly and unappealing facial proportions.

I noticed early on in life that the majority of my biracial friends at upper levels had Asian fathers; in retrospect, this makes sense, because the children of WMAF were simply not making it far enough.

Despite claiming that half-Asians are wildly successful (we are not, especially not compared to half-black people, who white conservative men passionately hate for reminding them of the “treason” of “mudshark” white women), there is no indication that half-Asians with white fathers and Asian mothers have achieved major success, even compared to other mixed-race pairings (such as the worldwide fame of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik – both of whom have Pakistani fathers and white mothers).

We can just go out on a limb and say that it’s the overall creepiness of the leering, weird, autistic, racist, Asian-man-hating, subdued, resentful, unattractive white dad with yellow fever; and the self hating, Asian-hating, nagging scowling, controlling, ultra-pragmatist, nihilistic, perpetually scheming, always screaming Tiger Mom and that entire “dynamic” of trying to manipulate and use their “white” kids, that screws up biracial Asian sons of WMAF, but it’s deeper than that.

We could also say that most Half Asians with Asian dads involve a tall, handsome, charismatic, and mentally strong Asian guy with good facial structure and a very beautiful white or non-Asian woman (due to having high standards on both parts – and the fact that arguably, Asian men have softer, more pleasant features on average, and generally have very high standards for women), while most Half Asians with white dads involve a rejected, leering, friendless, unattractive (e.g., short, balding), anti-social, racist, weird, resentful, anti-feminist white man who hates Asian men for being the only thing lower than him, and a self-hating, unattractive Asian woman who marries primarily for status.

Essentially, low-status white males and self-hating, cutthroat Asian women decided that they needed some way to justify an immensely unbalanced and fundamentally racist and elitist pairing, and so they promised hybrid vigor as a way to compensate for the fact that Asian males are reviled, while Asian women are adored as an alternative for low-status non-Asian men who failed at relationships with white and non-Asian women.

As a result, they started promising that half-Asians were all successful and beautiful – despite 40 years having passed and there being no proof of this other than “white passing” Kristen Kreuk – a female half-Asian that is easily fetishized.

In short – being Asian is so bad, and even Asians know that it is literally terrible – that the women, in particular, will marry the ugliest, most rejected white men on the planet and try to pass off their kids as master-race – something no other mixed race pairing does, because they do not need the confirmation that this is happening.

The best thing an AMWF / AMXF / AMLF couple can do is avoid WMAF, and keep their children away from WMAF. There have been reports (largely on Reddit) of WMAF couples actually going out of their way to denigrate and attack the children of AMWF and we all know now that White men married to Asian women seem to have a perpetual “racial tourettes” where they can’t prevent themselves from saying overwhelmingly racist things about white women, blacks, Asian men, (all to justify an awkward, hateful, artificial relationship that they know wouldn’t exist if the races were reversed) and are so bizarrely creepy that they will actually examine their childrens’ facial features and stare at Hapa men in public as if they are gauging whether or not they want a son who looks more chinky or less.

After fifty years of boasting of some eugenic hybrid vigor (which no other mixed race pairing has promised) – the very best they can do now is steal Keanu Reeves (Asian father), spout off Nathan Adrian (5’11” Chinese mother, an extreme rarity), Olivia Munn (well known for being a horrible person), Kristen Kreuk (a has-been who has never achieved major success), and some half-Filipinos (some of whom aren’t even half Asian) while coming up almost entirely short on famous half-Chinese or half-East Asians with Asian mothers.*

I will use the following paper, “Children and the Shifting Engagement with Racial/Ethnic Identity among Second- Generation Interracially Married Asian Americans,” (Kelly Chong, PhD, University of Kansas, 2013), and the paperRacial Identity, Family, and Psychological Adjustment in Asian-White Biracial Young Adults” by (Vanessa Chong, University of Windsor, 2012).

Both papers ironically were written by Asian women with white partners – as if they themselves have begun to worry about their own children; they both write specifically that the children of Asian men and White women fare better than the reverse.

The reasons are varied, but I have compiled them all with actual sources, written, ironically, by Asian women with White husbands.

Asian men and white / non-Asian women.

  • Woman likes the Asian male despite his race and all of the negative stereotypes against him. Generally his race won’t be an “issue” (meaning that many White / black women are completely unaware of what the children of WMAW couples talk about)

Former President Barack Obama was quoted in the Washington Times as saying this about his mother:

“I always felt as if being black was cool,” Mr. Obama said. “[Being black] was not something to run away from but something to embrace. Why that is, I think, is complicated. Part of it is I think that my mother thought black folks were cool, and if your mother loves you and is praising you — and says you look good, are smart — as you are, then you don’t kind of think in terms of ‘How can I avoid this?’ You feel pretty good about it.”

  • Understands the child will be perceived as Asian and nurtures it in him, unlike White fathers and Asian mothers who hope the child looks white, and truly believes the child is white despite the kid facing extreme overt bullying and harassments from Whites / non-Asians for being Asian.

Many of the Euro- ethnic wives in my study were distinctive in that most of them appeared to be more cognizant about the issue of ethnic identity with regard to their children than were the Euro-American husbands in the study and, for the most part, were enthusiastic about helping their children engage it in some form. (Chong, pp.211)

  • Doesn’t pretend the kid is going to be a male model, even though the majority of successful half-Asian models have Asian fathers (Just look up Japanese Brazilians – almost every famous Japanese Brazilian of mixed heritage has a Japanese father)
  • Healthier fundamental basis, no white supremacist, anti-feminist white father who idealizes Asian women; no Asian mother who says horrific things about Asian males.
  • More loving couple not based on race, but mutual respect, rather than a screaming, self-hating Tiger Mom and an anti-social, less masculine white guy
  • Loves the Asian male on either his looks or his character or both; doesn’t have delusional ideas about the child being a superhuman based on his race; if anything, completely avoids or shuns the idea that Eurasians are superior due to the fact that they are half white.
  • Doesn’t talk shit about Asian women.

In contrast to the women who frequently alluded to the nerdy quali- ties of Asian males as reasons for these men’s undesirability, interracially married Asian American men in my study rarely mentioned explicitly the physical shortcomings of Asian females as reasons for not marrying or dating them. (Chong, 2013; Pg. 197-198)

  • Both parties are conventionally attractive rather than fetishes. Asian men arguably have to be much more handsome to get white women, than Asian women have to be. So generally Asian male / white female couples produce better looking children, while ugly White men / ugly Asian women produce ugly children.

Although Asian American women in this study were generally highly assimilated as well, I believe my observations support the findings elsewhere that the assimilation “bar” may be higher for Asian American men than it is for Asian American women who wish to cross the ethnic/racial line in terms of romance and sex. (Chong, pp. 198)

  • Relationship is not politicized against Asian males or White females, as is the case in WMAW relationships; Asian male does not talk poorly about White men or Asian women
  • Relationship is not some political statement about reclaiming power for a conspiracy theorist white man who is angry at the world for not giving him everything he wants as a “superior” white man – and yet uses a “family oriented” Asian woman to help him feel meaning, and control, and “revenge” against liberals
  • Asian men and white women do not promise Eurasian superhuman myths of their children, which seems common in extremely average looking White male / Asian woman couples. Asian men and white women do not hype up or focus on the child’s Asian features – merely that is is a child whose parents were in love.
  • While Asian women essentially do not date anyone but White men – Asian men have diverse love interests and oftentimes marry women that are opposed to White supremacist ideals.
  • The White or non-Asian women who go after or accept an Asian man tend to be more socially conscious and tuned in with the child’s ethnicity and needs.

Many of the Euro- ethnic wives in my study were distinctive in that most of them appeared to be more cognizant about the issue of ethnic identity with regard to their children than were the Euro-American husbands in the study and, for the most part, were enthusiastic about helping their children engage it in some form. (Chong, 2013; pg. 211)

  • Asian men and White women do not raise their children to be “master race”, push them to be models or actors, – but moreso normal, well adjusted people who are grounded, get good jobs, good education, and develop normal social lives.
  • White women will not marry an Asian male for status, as this is impossible given the lower status of Asian men.
  • Asian men actually have to meet a threshold in order to marry a white woman – they have to be good looking, or have a good job, or a great personality. A white man literally needs none of these when marrying an Asian woman, setting a terrible example for the child: i.e., look handsome, white, or die.
  • Most white men who get with Asian women are generally meek, “weak,” anti-social, Asiaphiles, nerdy, nebbish, or “losers” who seek to take advantage of racial inequalities to form a relationship
  • Relationship is not about integration and assimilation into Whiteness, but against it
  • Relationship is not tinted with anti-feminist sentiment
  • Relationship is not about hatred of others, rather more so love and proximity
  • Asian guy needs to hit a certain looks standard (looks are more important to White women than they are to Asian women, who culturally only marry for social status, despise sex, and romance.)
  • Asian father is traditionally masculine, has good facial ratios and fits conventional attractiveness, which western women find appealing, due to narrow eyes, tan skin, dark coloring
  • Asian father is more emotionally and mentally sound, due to being able to survive harsh discrimination
  • No covert incest between mother and child
  • Promotes sports and social activities
  • Confident AMWW children generally date White women / non Asian women
  • Genuine interest in the Asian culture
  • Hopes the child looks Asian / dark features
  • Both parties have friends from a wide range of races and backgrounds
  • Doesn’t prioritize race, “passing” or “white privilege”
  • Both parties are historically disenfranchised
  • A very good looking Asian guy generally will wind up with a woman of another race; also, arguably, Asian men look better on average than white men due to more masculinized, wider faces, meaning that their children will look better, than with “dainty” Asian women marrying unattractive white men.



White men and Asian women

  • Woman likes male specifically for his whiteness and status (Hence massively skewed statistics among Asian women and white men – no other minority men)
  • Hopes child looks white
  • Praises the child’s light features / Euro features
  • Strongly hypes up the child’s ethnicity as biracial, promising high status which the child fails to obtain since society still views biracial Asians as Asian (a negative)
  • Child generally strongly disfavors anything but the white side

Another Chinese American mom, Carol, related an incident about one of her young daughters that she found similarly disturbing and unexpected: this daughter, who is more Asian looking than her sister, announced suddenly one day that she did not like Chinese people, or anyone with black hair and dark skin, and chose a book for a school project explaining that it had light-skinned people on the cover. (Chong, pp. 205)

  • White men / Asian women generally have the most really terrible things to say (Chong, 2013, pg. 197-198)  about Asian men and have a complex power dynamic (White father, Asian mother) wherein neither is willing nor able to visualize the problems of the child. After all – Asian women want white children, and don’t seem to care as to how they get them. Asian women will praise White features – ignoring the fact that many half-Asians look totally Asian, either at birth, or in adulthood. This causes the child to hate its Asian side – like Elliot Rodger, and Daniel Holtzclaw.

In contrast to the women who frequently alluded to the nerdy quali- ties of Asian males as reasons for these men’s undesirability, interracially married Asian American men in my study rarely mentioned explicitly the physical shortcomings of Asian females as reasons for not marrying or dating them. (Chong, 2013; Pg. 197-198)


In fact, Monica recalled an incident that was highly disturbing to her. When it was pointed out to her six-year-old son explicitly for the first time that he was half-Korean, she remembered that he almost became angry and horrified, and retorted, “No I’m not!” and ran out of the room. (Chong, pp. 202).

  • If child is not white, the mother will develop resentment toward him due to loss of status (hence so many Asian women with Asian looking sons displaying anti-social or miserable behavior).
  • No other interracial pairing, including Asian men / White women pairs, are so obsessed with how their kids look. White men, in particular, have a habit of staring at Eurasian children so as to examine their features in a way that some Nuremberg scientist would.
  • Tiger Moms
  • Extraordinary high rates of mental illness among mothers; Asian mothers who worship white men are generally horrifically maladjusted, bitter, and raging, angry racists who hate their own faces
  • The psychological emasculation of the child may start at an early age, especially within white supremacist cultures that love to demean Asian men, whereby the child feels mentally destructed or encouraged to hide his Asian side (which always fails).
  • White men involved in these relationships blatantly ignore signs that they are being used for their race and privilege, such as nearly constant comments about how “handsome” their western features are (despite not actually being handsome) and then don’t realize that they are being primed to create children like us whose entire value is that we look less Asian than we would normally look.
  • Encourages child to pass as white, compliments the child’s white features; this doesn’t exist in other biracial pairings where there is so much weird, creepy “examining” of a the child’s features: this is exclusive to WMAF couples.
  • Discourages child’s Asian features
  • Asian women historically do not marry for love – only for social benefit – and marriage to a white man, and only a white man, is seen as being the ticket to integration and “superior” children to fulfill a stringent life plan.
  • Family home environment harshly discourages identification with Asian males, yet promises high status for being mixed with White
  • Only care about the Asian culture after freaking out abut the child’s Asian looks
  • White men and Asian women in these relationships generally hate Asian men – yet their sons look Asian to Western society. 
  • They willingly ignore long legacies of white male supremacy in the Western world and willfully ignore clear indications of narcissistic behavior, such as fetishizing the child for his white skin / big eyes.
  • The entire premise is built on the hope that the child is white passing, whereby the father’s behavior, character (racist, alcoholic, violent, broke), all are non-issues as long as he is white; should the child be Asian looking, neither parent is prepared or willing to help him.
Monica, the Korean American mentioned earlier who in the past struggled painfully with her Korean heritage and appearance, feels that now that she has biracial children, she finds reengaging with Korean culture a simple necessity….

When asked whether she would care about ethnic cultural maintenance had her kids been Euro-ethnic, she confessed that she would not, and that the reason she felt the need to reconnect to her ethnic culture was because her kids have an undeniable Asian appearance. (Chong, 2012; pg. 202)

  • More often than not – but not always – the father is bottom of the barrel mentally or genetically (the prior in my father’s case) and for whatever reason ignores the woman’s clear white worshipping because he will stoop to any level to get laid… (English teachers, weaboos, nerds). Essentially men that were never intended to reproduce manage to find a way by virtue of having white skin.
  • Essentially any white guy can get an Asian woman
  • Both parties limit themselves to white friends
  • White privilege is taught to the child, and even encouraged by both parents
  • Many very unattractive white men go for Asian women as a fallback
  • Near constant debasement of Asian maleness in the home
  • Strong animosity towards anything and everyone Asian
  • Horrible personality
  • Strong dislike of AMWW couples
  • WMAW children generally limited to dating Asian women due to low self esteem
  • White father harasses children and makes Asian jokes
  • White father is oftentimes earning much less than the mother
  • White father is oftentimes a “loser” or a racist who sees Asian women as “replacement” white women who appreciate white men – leading to the child retaining the racist mentality.
  • Higher divorce rates
  • High parental health complications.
  • Just look at these couples. The power imbalance alone (75-80% of all Hapas having White fathers is enough of an implicit message that Asian men are inferior) is enough to cast a side eye at them…. now imagine the result of being the child.

Why the HELL are the most successful Eurasians to come out of EUROPE of all places – the hotbed of extreme racism, produce uniformly successful half Asians with Asian fathers despite being outnumbered?
These are all more or less familiar names – where are the ones with white fathers?*
American television, in the last year or two, has featured six Eurasians that I’m aware of.

SIX out of SEVEN of these half-Asians on AMERICAN TELEVISION in recurring roles have white mothers.

  • Rush Hour – Jon Foo
  • Marco Polo – Remy Hii
  • Agents of Shield – Chloe Bennett
  • House of Cards – Sandrine Holt
  • Elektra – Elodie Yung
  • The Amazing Race – Zach King
  • Criminal Minds – Daniel Henney.

Here are all the aggregated links discussing why the reasons AM/WW seems to produce top feeding success stories, while WM/AW produces dregs and burnouts.

*I will admit that half Philipinos seem successful. I don’t know why – but East Asian mothers really love to try to highjack half-Filipinos to fill out rosters; why can’t they name any half Chinese sons beyond 2 or 3?
*I am aware there are successful half Asians – by law of numbers there will be. Fifty years of WMAW pairings would logically produce a few; yet despite being vastly outnumbered the children of Asian men / White women seem to have gone above and beyond – I would imagine being a Bond girl, a massive celebrity in Switzerland of all places would count as very successful.