Ever notice that whenever a half Asian person pops up in the news, in real life, or in popular, mainstream media – they have an Asian father? Keanu Reeves, Dean Cain, Chloe Bennett (Wang), Cary Fukanaga, 93% of all half-Asian professional athletes, even Jon Chau – the kid who died on the North Solomon island?

Ever notice, that in real life – half Asians with Asian last names (and Asian fathers) are overrepresented in every area of success, despite the cringey attempts of status-hungry Asian Tiger Moms, and the Nazi, weird, mentally-ill, alt-right, anti-feminist, entitled, leering, creepy, white men who fetishize them, bragging that Asian men are inferior, and that Asian male + white female doesn’t happen (even though the overwhelming majority of half Asians identify as Asian men)?

A good example is Celeste Ng’s book, “Everything I Never Told You,” which she admittedly wrote about using all of her experiences of Tiger Moms and deadbeat white husbands, failure, depressed Hapa sons and suicidal daughters – and wrote it involving an Asian father and a white mother, done out of pure jealousy and maliciousness for her own failings as a self-hating Asian, and failure to instill proper modes in her children for dealing with a harsh world that penalized half of themselves.

It isn’t a new thing for White men / Asian woman couples, out of ingrained hatred of their own low status, disingenuous, fetishistic “relationship” based on social status and ease-of-life, and self-hatred, to attack Asian men / White women, out of pure jealousy – as the white woman was the real prize, and Asian men meant to be the only thing lower than them on the social totem pole.

The non-Asian men who “prefer” Asian women are the men who have a strange, in built hatred of Asian men, due to immense insecurity and viewing Asian women as a “solution” to being an alt-right, socially isolated, weird, ugly incel. These same men – literal bottom of the barrel, bottom of the social hierachies with only one target for their sexual aggression and desperation –  raise biracial, Asian looking sons, with the “help” of mentally ill, asexual, screaming Asian wives who desperately wish that they were white, proudly show off their “Caucasian” sons, and badmouth Asians to make their “relationship” seem less cancerous to society at large.

I.e., the typical WMAF couple is an insecure, alt right, physically unattractive, racist, vengeful “replacement” relationship designed to maximize on white privilege without actually having a white woman involved. WMAF is designed to have all the power, with none of the responsibility of raising a biracial child in an extremely racist world.

The woman in the above photo speaks fluent Cantonese.

Compare this to incel, racist, balding, unattractive, anti-feminist, vindictive sexpats who don’t speak Chinese yet marry hate-filled, vindictive, scowling, screaming Chinese / Asian women while bashing China and allowing his racist, scowling, hateful “wife” to bash Asians; all in a desperate attempt to feel “powerful” against a changing tide of multiculturalism that finally punishes white men for their superiority complex. E.g., white men now feel “threatened” by black and other ethnic men.

The ugly, incel white and non-Asian men who fetishize cruel, vindictive, mentally ill Asian Tiger Moms as a way to fight back against “mudsharks” and ironically, multiculturalism; since Asian women are the only ones with standards so low as to accept the very worst (physically and mentally) of white males, with the intent – born out of pure evil – of having a white passing child to fully allow herself to integrate and feel powerful and beautiful.

Essentially, any white male can land an Asian woman, due to Asian women being desperate for social status, and a ticket to an easier life – ala, the “Asian Tiger survival mentality.” Historically, Asians have never married for love, and view interpersonal relations as a combination of machinations and personal use.

But more importantly:

Look at the bones in the upper photo.

Her profile looks like something out of an idealized comic book character .

His bones are great. He’s tall, handsome. Not a bald, ugly, short, racist, incel, rejected white male. She is also tall, healthy, conventionally beautiful, kind hearted, loving, and caring, and deeply in love with him. Asian men, on average, look far better than white men, due to having broad faces, smooth skin, dark hair, hunter eyes, and pleasing physical features – whereby AMWF usually involves a woman who sex-selects a good looking man; while WMAF involves unattractive people.

Tell me again why AMWF doesn’t produce better looking – as well as better mentally prepared – children?

Most importantly, however:

Look at how she looks at him.

No white worship. No hair dyeing. No open racism against Asians. No trying to rebel and marrying for reasons other than love. No bragging openly about the inferiority of her own sons. No hoping her own biracial son has blue eyes. No listening idylly while the father makes racist jokes. She married for love, not to have “mixed babies,” not for social status, not to feel powerful, not to get revenge, not to feel beautiful, not to denigrate Asians. She’s happy. He’s happy.

The child’s parents prepare him for racism, and due to the sexualized nature of this world, the child learns from his beautiful mother that it is indeed alright to be Asian – something that Elliot Rodger, the most famous half-Asian person of all time – never learned, since his mother and father taught him that it was more important to be white for social benefit. The child, like most children, learn from their parents at a very, very young age, how to deal with racialized hierarchies, something their anti-liberal, anti-progressive white fathers work to protect while raising Asian sons.

Oh, I’m sorry – you’re offended?

I’m half Asian. I can’t be racist.