Every time a celebrity has gotten caught* being racist in the past two year – it’s been against Asians.

Lil Pump, Gigi Hadid, Dolce and Gabanna, Chainsmokers – you name it.

That’s because it’s okay to be racist against Asians – even if you love Asian girls!

This racism also extends to half Asians, which is bad (or good news) for the guys who love them some Asian girls but want to keep Asians at the bottom!


  • For one – people yearn for the opportunity to be racist against someone to cover up for their nagging insecurity. People desperately need an opportunity to feel better than somebody. Anybody. It makes them feel powerful, meaningful! Simply existing just isn’t enough for most people! Nope! The point of life is to be as hostile, mean and vicious against other people – because that makes life so much better!
  • Asians (who don’t seem to even be aware that whites hate them that much because of the massive language barrier, or are aware, but don’t care because in Asia, social status = aping everything whites do) make an easy target that allow people to be openly racist without having to deal with the consequences of those scary, aggressive black people, and the loss of social standing coming from racism against blacks.
  • White people still have privilege, but hate being criticized for it. So they claim that Asians have privilege, so that whites can feel like a victim, just like those blacks and Latinos! Perfect!
  • White people desperately want to feel like victims, as a way to cover up their in-born desire to dehumanize other people without being called out on it. Saying that Asians are rich and almost-white, while perpetually attacking Asians, is the best way to kill two birds with one stone. D&G is a perfect example of this (a gay guy making fun of Asians to feel powerful).
  • Marrying an Asian woman while pretending to be under attack for being white – gives you the perfect cover to be racist. It also lets you feel like a man, without being challenged by white women, who will protect black, Latino and Muslims – because they’re more attractive than racist alt-right white nerds!
  • A lot of white women and non-Asian women have become more feminist recently, so to feel powerful and maintain leverage during this sexual emasculation, white men pick on Asians, the same way that the second most unpopular kid in class will pick on the most unpopular. Muh dik!
  • Unsurprisingly, a lot of racist, desperate, power-hungry white men who HATE Asians still marry Asian women (who else are they going to marry? – a true red blooded man needs to leave a “legacy”, amirite?) and have Asian sons – because the best way to “fight back” against the conquering of the west by those scary, big dicked dark men – is to have a son whose father worked for 20 years to push to same standards of masculinity that black men are better at and Asian men the worst at!

Enjoy the Hapacalypse – millions upon millions of half-Asian children born to racist non-Asian men and Asian women, who are so clueless as to racism, but don’t care, because marrying a white man is the fastest way to obtaining social status.

*Most of ’em don’t get caught!