Found while looking on, like, the front page.

People act like biracial Asians are anything new.

People also act like racist ass non-Asian men and status hungry, survivalist Asian Tiger Moms, who work around the clock to make sure Asian looking men are at the bottom, are something new as well.

They’re not.

We have 40 years of these examples playing out in real life.

There are NO half-Asians with Asian moms of ANY AGE that are successful. I repeat – NONE, because our parents’ horrific racism and horrible life views destroy us at a young age. A loser, anti-feminist, old, ugly, balding white man plus a self hating, cruel, manipulative Asian woman does not equal healthy children.

Time and time again, Hapas with Asian dads are doing the good stuff. They’re the ones who are self confident, not neurotic messes, and able to go out and face the world long enough to do amazing things – simply because our parents aren’t hardcore racists who are hellbent on white supremacy, despite raising biracial kids.


Where are the racist sexpats and the Tiger Moms going wrong? Is it because they’re the only interracial couple that encourages racism against their own children? Is it that they’re the only interracial couple who weaponizes their children for their own backwards, narcissistic purposes? Is it because they’re the only interracial couple that wouldn’t exist were it not for inborn racism in both Asian women and white men? Is it because they’re the only interracial couple that brags to their own children – en masse – that the only reason they’re together is for money and social benefit, and has spent 50 years trying to push Asian people down for the sake of bettering their own personal lives?

Daily reminder: we, your biracial children, who suffer from racism in the west at the hands of WMAF couples, our own parents, and society at large – don’t have to respect you. We have zero obligation to you, and if you continue to push us, we will continue to fight back and ruin your good name even more than it has already been ruined.