Above is a picture of movie star Jiang Wen – who you might recognize from Star Wars: Rogue One, where he was in a quasi-gay relationship with Donnie Yen (simply because Hollywood is still not comfortable showing Asian men in a romantic light). How the hell Hollywood still manages to pair two dudes from the same planet as both being Asian is beyond me, but never underestimate the lengths that insecure boys will go to prevent other boys from getting laid.

Jiang Wen’s wife approached him randomly in Paris about twenty years ago.

They had a daughter, and divorced, because Jiang Wen was very focused on his career back in China.

Jiang Wen is objectively masculine. He has a large skull, a deep voice, a thick head of hair with a low hairline, broad features, and would be considered far more robust and healthy than say, Mark Zuckerberg, or Les Moonves. A large number of Asian men in Asia possess similar features, but for whatever reason (probably due to the same reason that drove me back to China – i.e., debilitating racism), chose to remain in China.

His mother, without question, is objectively beautiful, due to the same ratios that human beings equate with universal looks. Both, in this case, belong to high classes among their own individual societies. Jiang Wen, at the time, was a high status actor, and his wife of a similar background. It’s well known among Asian circles that Asian men, for whatever reason, are attractive to a small percentage of women, but women that tend to be far more attractive than average; the Russian female love of Asian men is well documented, for example. I have noticed this in my personal life as well. Yet none of this matters – when society, including our mothers and fathers, are hellbent on preventing this and mocking Asian men ruthlessly, and some willing to kill for it; i.e., Elliot Rodger – the most famous half-Asian of all time. None of this really matters when WMAF couples – for forty years – have made it their sole purpose in life, up until now, to boast about how nobody wants Asian men, when so, so many half Asian men identify as Asian.

I have an Asian female cousin who refuses to bring her white boyfriend to our holiday / Chinese New Year dinners, because – in her words: “I’ll bring him when he stops being ugly.” Other “couples” that I witness almost always involve a scowling, furious looking Asian woman with her arms crossed in rage, since, for whatever reason, being with a man you hate for the purpose of “marrying up” is far better than marrying for love – which I think is the real issue here.

Unfortunately, Asian women, for whatever reason, sex select men that are considered universally ugly. The reasons for this are not clear, but mostly because they are the only white men than they can get, given that most attractive white men don’t stoop as low as to marry someone so self-hating and cruel to her own – and in her mind, social status is tantamount. As an attractive man myself – I have long learned to avoid women that treat other men poorly; I have no reason for this sort of ego boost. However, since western society declared war on me, and since a WMAF couple ruined my life, and since WMAF couples have been racist towards me (one literally mocked me for looking more Asian with glasses)  – we’re going to return the favor to you.

Moreover, my suspicion is that Asian women are culturally geared and inclined to be averse to normal sexual relationships and love, and an ugly, racist white man provides them with an opportunity for control and manipulation, which is far more difficult than what one can do to an Asian man. Whereby – marriage to an ugly, racist white man means that she gets elements of control and social status, without having to feel guilty about pimping herself out to him sexually. More often than not, the marriage ends in failure, due to lack of sex, the nagging, aggressive behavior of the Asian mother who has no attraction to the husband, resentment over her own “othering,” and the Asian appearance of her son – which, to whites, indicates that she married an Asian man, not a white man, since whites can’t tell the difference between us.

You might find the above statements repugnant, but I’ve learned that as a handsome man myself, I can get away with it, and people respond positively to strong men saying strong things. So deal with it. Getting laid isn’t my issue. I fully recognize that as an Asian looking guy, for whatever reason, the women who seem to like me aggressively are the blondes who look like something out of a Chris Nolan movie. I’m more concerned about the half-Asians that are tormented by their parents, tormented by society, harassed by Asian women, harassed by white men, than I am of your fucking feelings.

I have all the right in the world to tell white man / Asian woman “couples” to go fuck themselves, using my real name and photo, which is out there for anyone who wants to come after me – but oh wait, they don’t, because people don’t want to deal with me.

Jiang Wen’s daughter, now, obviously, is low key, beautiful, and high status, all at the same time. Very few photos of her exist. Go figure.