Obviously the video is taken from one of those “incel” channels, but I was made aware of this through another completely unrelated forum.

It is incredibly common and has been for decades – not recent times – for anti-social, bottom of the barrel (in this case, bald, racist, aggressive) white men, out of a desire to feel powerful against feminists and “mudsharks,” to target and marry “traditional, feminine” Asian women, while continuing to be racist or completely ignorant of racism against Asian men; and as a result, continuously badmouth Asian men in desperate attempt to validate both his relationship, as well as maintain leverage against Asian men and white women, due to continuous and persistent insecurity about his own lack of self-worth.

For every “good” couple, I guarantee you, from the bottom of my heart – there is another that is bad; and at this point, it doesn’t matter, because the bad is seeing the good and determining the low worth of Asian men on their own.

There is a higher chance for a Eurasian to be born from a mother and father who hates Asians, than there is if he were adopted and raised by a white couple. What did you think was going to happen?

You mistook, for almost ten years, my complaints as being misogyny – but they are misanthropy, and warning. I am not jealous. I am warning you. I have been ringing the bell for ten years, and I will continue ringing the bell for the next 50 or 60, because people are endangering themselves; and every day that another half-Asian is mocked by his parents is another day that a nihilistic potential killer is born. Asian and half Asian men endure and have been enduring some of the most excrutiating forms of new racism – sexualized, violent, and rife with double standards, and with the treatment of St. Peach’s boyfriend becoming viral, people are seeing what we have had to deal with for decades.

Given that Asian men are the only thing beneath him, “Eight Thoughts,” like many white men (see: /r/China and /r/CCJ2, subreddits filled with hundreds of open racists with Asian wives and children) who target Asian women, continuously needs to attack them to feel strong; despite only being able to attract an Asian wife – because Asian women desperately seek to escape the Asian ghetto and marry “up.”

The Asian wife always remains an almost-white “back up plan” for him in his attempt to feel validation for being white and powerful in the face of “inceldom”, as a result of possessing some variant of Aspberger’s or mental issues. As a result, he will always resent her, particularly since Asian women view sex as a duty, are extremely aggressive and hard on their husbands, and the marriage dissolves into one of a dead bedroom and constant arguing, which will make many of these men even more unstable.

My father, for example, was driven into the living room to sleep on the couch for ten years, when my mother decided he was not making enough money, and he was listening to HAM radio too much; and from there he spiraled into more and more extreme conspiracy theories about Jews, blacks, and immigration. All of the white men married to Asian women in my family are some variant of racist. All of them are in miserable marriages filled with extreme fighting. One example recently pulled me aside, and complained to me about “Chinese spies,” himself having been in a very broken relationship with a Chinese woman for some fifteen years.

Millions upon millions of these half-Asian children, the bulk of which look and identify as Asian men, born to such horrific pairings, with high levels of mental illness due to being mocked by society, as well as their parents – will be arriving at your doorsteps soon. You could have talked about this ten years ago; twenty years ago; thirty or forty, but you didn’t. And now, unfortunately, we are going to have to pay the price. This was the nihilistic world our parents created in their selfish attempts to embrace the American dream, without once addressing systemic racism against Asian men – and now the results are due.

I already paid the price with my name and reputation, but to me, it didn’t matter – because I thought it more important to warn people, at any cost, because this kind of thing is just too horrible. It is happening day by day, minute by minute, and has been happening for decades; I realized much of this in my early adulthood and have passed almost ten years on writing on this subject, and my fear remains the same.

Even my family adamantly refuses to acknowledge this, because in Asian culture, face is tantamount; and so many half-Asians will be left to rot.

Worse yet is that nobody seems to care, writes this off as nonsense, and pretends that half-Asians, as a whole, are going to be alright, simply because conservative white men and their racist, foreign Asian wives, deem it to be so. Many half-Asian women also deny these issues; some half-Asian men do as well, in an attempt to seem masculine – but the results are inevitably the same.

Many, many, many half-Asians are extremely, profoundly troubled, due to coming from such horrific homes involving a clueless or even complicit Asian mother who believes not looking Asian is a benefit, and many of our fathers, of all races, are complicit in this as well; and many half-Asians will be driven mad by the near constant, never ending racism against them. Most, if not all of them, will not be able to put two and two together as I have, and be able to accept the ugliness of the world.

I am warning people, and they are not listening. Women, especially – you are at risk.

I am not jealous; I do not particularly like Asian women (because I know what they are like behind closed doors, especially the ones who “like” white men), am an adamant antinatalist, but people seem to not be aware of how high risk these children really will be. I am talking mass shootings, done by either the father, or the sons; and even, in some of these cases, AMWF and even Eurasian men / XF couples will be targeted by men with Asian partners. I have already witnessed people – non-Asian men AND Asian women, being openly racist against Eurasian men, mistaking them for full Asians.

But nobody is listening to me.

From me, a half-Asian who wanted nothing else but to be accepted and well liked, to you, women and men of the world at large, with decent hearts: please, please acknowledge this trend, before it is too late.