Yeah. AMWF makes the hot, tall, masculine half Asians that racist white dads and self hating Asian moms wish they could. Unless “Gee” is somehow an Anglo name.

Sorry, you guys wanted a war, you’re gonna get one. Hate in, hate out; energy expended will always be energy released – and we have a century’s of pain behind us.

For all of us who watched our mothers decay, faced racism while you told us it didn’t exist because that racism benefited you, as a woman, and a white man; and while you continue to deny racism against Asians, and even encourage it, years after we first used the internet to call it out. You subjected us to having the worst, most repugnant fathers on the planet, subjected us to extreme racism with no outlet; and we will take revenge.

Another day goes by, and another half-Asian male who looks just like a normal Asian guy is mocked and called a chink by his friends, by women – by people who have no problem fetishizing Asian girls; we look like the only race on the planet where everyone has a free for all on us, and free reign to mock, insult and castrate us.

We’re just going to rub it in your face for the next 100 years – just like you did for the last 100. Bald, ugly, ignorant, privileged, in-denial sexpats + shrill, screaming Asian Tiger Moms who mock Asian males and encourage white supremacy – don’t produce the kids you want.

I have a theory why:


It’s just a hunch. Unless biology / psychology doesn’t exist in your world.