Ironically, the posters post a video of a daughter of an Asian man / White woman as proof of the superiority of Korean women.



This kind of thing has been around since the 60’s by the way. Oh, you’re just deciding to take notice because some kid in Santa Barbara killed some people and was an over the top racist despite being half-Chinese? Keep in mind there are millions of us raised by horrific, awful racist white men who deliberately sought out Asian women as a way to maximize on his whiteness and fight back against feminism / blacks / Latinos / white women, and yes, Asian men.

Great. Well, get ready for a lot more. Just a word of advice to WMAF couples: probably a good idea to start clearing the air first before some Asian looking kid with a white last name starts shooting at white girls again, because if it gets out that our moms are the ones telling us that we’re white, and that our dads married our moms because they were feminist whores….

It’s not going to look good for you.

Just saying.