From Variety.

For one, the daughter looks even more Asian than the mother, proving how strong Asian genes are – so you can imagine how many of these sons look growing up in homes like this, with the mother badmouthing Asian men along with society doing so in the media, in every-day life – while a significant portion of weird, racist, white men are fetishizing Asian women.

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For two, putting aside the fact that this man put meth rocks up his butt, it is not the first time a gay man has married an Asian woman.

They do this because they think that the Asian woman won’t complain, as long as the man is white, and oftentimes she doesn’t, because most WMAF couples do not have sex. My parents, and my mother’s sisters, are all in sexless marriages based on social status and whiteness. In Asian culture, sex is seen as nothing other than a bargaining tool, if that, and because Asian culture is survivalist and nihilistic, marriages for reasons other than love – specifically to white men – are status quo.

Regardless – there are millions of these bizarre, fetishistic couples based on white supremacy and hate, and there are millions of half-Asian boys who look even more Asian than their mothers – facing extreme racism from not only society, but Asian women.

The only thing I can really do is warn people.

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