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A discussion of his racism.

The most repugnant, racist white men on the planet specifically target “traditional, family oriented” Asian women who will not sleep with black men or embrace feminism. Asian women we’ve as a backup plan for the masculinity crisis of many men seeking to maintain leverage over change, liberalism and multiculturalism that disfavors Caucasian males.

At the same time, these men promote white male supremacy, especially over Asian men, who they view as the only thing beneath them, since white nationalists and far-right white men generally suffer from crippling insecurity and social-isolation, and white women will not take them.

This has been going on for decades and continues to go on; while Asian women, for whatever reason, still see white men as the key to a higher status life, or to escape low-status Asian men, or the crippling insecurity their Asian faces bring them, or to escape “infidelity.” Lace now joins Richard Spencer, Kyle Chapman, John Derbyshire, and a host of other white nationalists who specifically married “white skinned” Asian women as a way to manifest white male power over white women, black men, Asian men, and many others.

Again, they specifically target Asian women, above all other women, because Asian women are seen as the most “family oriented,” and “pure,” and non “challenging;” but moreso, because only Asian women are receptive, on the whole, to low-status white men.

Many of these men create children who are incredibly uncomfortable with their Asian heritage, as well as indoctrinated by their white fathers. Examples of this have already played out – with Daniel Holtzclaw, Elliot Rodger, and many others displaying their fathers’ far-right desperation for control, despite having Asian mothers.

I was crucified for pointing this out, yet my father was a Holocaust denier, far-rightist who hated multiculturalism, Jews, blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims, but married an Asian woman with the belief that she was “pure,” and “chaste.” My brother and I look, and identify, as Asian males, and have faced racism for it.

There are millions of these children out there – and nobody seems to want to acknowledge this because it’s not socially acceptable. I somehow get slandered as being an incel, a full-Asian, bitter, jealous, simply because I pointed out that white nationalists love Asian women.