Once again, a man argues for the sanctity of life, unless this sanctity of life involves dark, scary Muslims doing the breeding and conquering. If, however, it is a noble white man marrying a noble, pure, submissive, clean, non-feminist Asian woman – then it’s fair game. Not nihilistic at all. Nope. Half-Asians and Asians are, in 2019, pretty much white (as long as they marry us white men). Then, well, let’s nuke em again!

As we can recall, sex is about power; and Asian women help white men retain “power,” sexual and social, after losing it to black men. Or, in this case, Muslim men. The entire idea is that in 2019 (note I say now, not, like, for the past 600 years), Asian women (not the men) are white skinned, submissive, traditional, family oriented, clean, organized, etc.

Things my father has said over his life, despite being married to a Chinese woman.

  • Jews run Hollywood
  • Jews are the children of Satan
  • “Don’t yell at me like a black man from New York”
  • “Multiculturalism is a Jewish plan”
  • “Feminists are tools of Jewish masterminds”
  • “Jews were responsible for 9/11”
  • Steven Speilberg is a Jewish swindler
  • The Holocaust didn’t happen
  • Hitler was a hero

This was back in the 80’s. I can’t even imagine what it was like for people back in the 60’s who had parents like this. But oh, Asian men are so misogynistic and patriarchal!