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It is fairly common for conspiracy theorist, socially ostracized, rejected, ultra-racist white men to target Asian women (especially foreign born) who seek to “upgrade” to a western lifestyle, and do not mind marriage to an unattractive, older, strange, racist, mentally-ill white man (like my father), since she does not expect sex, but marries merely for social benefit, since whiteness, and a European lifestyle means higher status and an easier life. 

Anyone can google Brian Ruhe to find a bunch of information about this Holocaust denier, and he is not the first Holocaust denier to have married an Asian woman – since my father was an adamant Holocaust denier, adamantly hated blacks, Jews, Latinos, Muslims and even Asians – who he referred to as “Jews of the Orient”.

This is a real phenomenon with real world consequences – since half-Asians, at astoundingly alarming rates, are oftentimes born to racist, anti-social white men who hate Asians, multiculturalism, and minorities – yet see Asian women as “submissive, white skinned, almost white” women to replace “feminist” white “whores;” in other words, fearing being alone, white men will marry Asian women, to replace white women, and hope (along with their wives) that their children look white. This doesn’t happen.

Many of our Asian mothers are complicit in this; my mother dyed her hair, and Asian women in my family have said things to me such as “I can’t wait to leave [Asia] and when I meet all the white people I’m going to give them a kiss”. Other times, one boyfriend actually complained about Chinese spies – while having a Chinese girlfriend.

As you can imagine, it has been pretty bad having to look like an Asian guy in America while my own family is saying stuff like this. I’m in my 30’s now, however, so, as you can imagine – virtually all half-Asians want revenge now against our privileged parents, and so be prepared to lose face. A lot of it. You can’t hide, this time.

The New York Times actually wrote an article on this “phenomenon” using my work – again, easily searchable via Google.

My father, for example, was an extremely racist white man married to a Chinese woman, and he believed Richard Nixon to be the greatest president; that the Holocaust never happened; that multiculturalism and Hollywood was a Jewish plot, Mel Gibson was a hero, that Obama should be referred to as “Obongo,” etc.

Keep in mind that white racists like this are often made into extremists due to entitlement and lack of social skills – which in turn makes them target and prey upon Asian women, who they view as “traditional, family oriented,” and “receptive” to white racist rejects. No where along these lines do these white men choose to make the world a better place, but use their Asian wives as a means to remain racist yet avoid scrutiny. The Asian woman remains a “substitute” for the traitorous white woman, used to fulfill the role of “family oriented” light-skinned, submissive, traditional woman who will not “divorce rape” him, sleep with black men – and will give him “almost white” children.

Their children, like me, look Asian, and not only are ill equipped to deal with the extreme, unapologetic racism against us, but are raised by fathers and mothers who are true white supremacists. Many half-Asian men, in particular, are faced with excrutiating racism and isolation and bullying for our heritage – ironically by the same men who fetishize Asian women as their “way out.”

Even in 2019, it seems that Asian women are persistent in taking the place of white women and badmouthing Asian men – including half-Asian men, in an attempt to claw their way to the top of society. Again – it’s too bad millions of us are actually adults now.

It will only be a matter of time before the “Asian connection” gets revealed with yet another Nazi mass shooter.

Many times – the lack of sex and fulfillment of sexual expectations in relationships between white men and their asexual, pragmatist Asian partners leads to increased agitation and racism, particularly against Asian looking men, despite raising Asian looking sons.

I am not jealous; I am not an incel; I am pointing out harsh truths about racism that I faced – coming from my own family.